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Happy Pets 12 Days of Christmas Event Begins

Christmas is the time for giving, even in the world of social games. Crowdstar is showing their giving spirit today, announcing a special Happy Pets 12 Days of Christmas event.

The event itself is pretty simple. Starting Tuesday, December 14th, each day for the next 12 days players logging in to Happy Pets will receive a free Christmas themed item. At the end of the 12th day, (12/25 – Christmas Day) players that have collected all the freebies will receive one final bonus: a Mini Multi-Glow Elf Cat.

Players can RSVP for the event here, but note you don’t need to in order to receive the free gifts.

Happy Pets Adds Dragons

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar adds new pet species to the game on a regular basis, but few are quite as cool as this. Six pet dragons are now for sale in the Happy Pets store!

The dragons can only be purchased with FB$, and are currently for sale for $4.60. Their standard price is $6.60, however. The six dragon varieties are: White Fable, Blue Legend, Red Legend, Brown Fable, Green Mythic, and Black Mythic.

In addition to the standard differences in coloring, these dragons also can come with horns in different sizes and shapes.

PetVille Adds New Neighborhood Feature

PetVille developer Zynga has launched a significant new feature: neighborhoods! Although the feature is still in early testing, it has potential to significantly change how PetVille is played.

Players can now travel outside of their pet’s home, and view the neighborhood via an overhead view, similar to FarmVille or FrontierVille. Players can click where they want their pet to walk, and can also click to interact with various elements of the environment, including pulling weeds, cleaning recycle bins, and gathering fruit from fruit trees.

Every task consumes some energy, which refills over time. Players can receive missions from Rosie or other PetVille inhabitants, to help guide the efforts to clean up the neighborhood.

Players have a separate, new experience bar for tasks completed outside the home. Leveling up outdoors refills a player’s energy bar, and also unlocks access to new neighborhood features. A fishing pond, wishing well, school house, news stand, and Union Square are all listed as ‘Coming Soon.’

We’ll have more on this major PetVille upgrade very soon.

Happy Pets Introduces Chickens

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has been busy. In addition to Iguanas, the company also introduced another new pet this week: Chickens! Like Horses and Dinosaurs, players must first complete construction of a new building before being allowed to keep chickens as pets, however.

The new Chicken Coop building costs 800 coins to purchase. Players must then enlist the help of their friends to finish construction. Players need 40 construction materials in total. 5 each of: Screwdriver, Screws, Saw horse, Tape Measure, Hinges, Chicken Wire, Rake, and Saw. Players can request these materials by making a Facebook wall post, and they are also available on the Happy Pets free gifts tab.

Once the Chicken Coop is constructed, players can then keep Chickens as pets! So far, the available chicken colors are: White, Yellow, Brown, Cerulean, Red, Purple, Pink, and Black.

Happy Pets Adds Iguanas

Lizard fans, rejoice! Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has finally added Iguanas. Right now, Iguanas are a premium-only pet and can only be purchased with FB$, but we suspect that down the line high-level players will be able to purchase Iguanas for coins.

The available iguana varieties are: Yellow, Hot Ice, Terra, Black, Blue, White, and Pink. They range in price from $4 to $5.

It is worth noting that this isn’t technically the Iguana’s Happy Pets debut. Players could previously receive a Red Iguana at random from a trapped mystery pet promotion. The Iguana prize was particularly rare, however.

Happy Pets Introduces Shadow Pet Basket

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new version of the tried-and-true “mystery pet” formula today, in the form of a new shy pet basket.

Players can find the basket in their main living room. To get the pet that is inside, players can make a Facebook wall post, asking for their friends’ help. Once seven friends have given their “blessing,” the players will receive one of six brand new pets. Five are all-black pets Crowdstar is calling “Shadow Pets,” and the last is an exclusive variety of Triceratops. The five Shadow Pet varieties are: Hamster, Parrot, Rabbit, Gerbil, and Ferret.

Players that don’t want to bother their friends can also pay $29.80 to automatically earn their pet.

Happy Pets Introduces New Albino Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has introduced new a new Albino Siamese Cat and Doberman Dog. To purchase these pets with coins, players will first need to meet the neighbor requirements – 9 neighbors for the puppy, and 11 for the kitten. If players have enough neighbors, both pets can be purchased for 15,500 coins.

Both of these pets have made brief appearances in the past, as a mystery animal or a trapped pet. But now they are considerably easier to obtain.

Happy Pets Now Selling Random Dogs

Just like the random cats Crowdstar introduced last week, players can now purchase a randomly generated dog from the Happy Pets store. Interestingly, the random dog is quite a bit cheaper – $9.80, compared to $15 for the cat.

Every time a player clicks the “adopt” button underneat the random dog, a new dog is created with random coloring and features. Players can repeat this process as many times as they like, until a puppy is created that is to their liking.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see more random pet generators introduced in the coming weeks.

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom Available Now!

When PetVille developer Zynga said that the next magic door would be opening soon, they weren’t kidding! Barely a day after teasing the launch of the Enchanted Kingdom magic door, the location was released.

Like other magic doors, the gateway to the Enchanted Kingdom can be found in PetVille players’ attics. To gain access, players will first need to collect 12 keys. Keys can be freely gifted to fellow PetVille players from the free gifts tab, or they can be purchased for 5 PV$ each.

A variety of Enchanted Kingdom decorations have also been added to the PetVille outdoor store. New items include: a yellow brick road, a giant beanstalk, a shoe house, several new varieties of flower, and a baby flying dragon. A variety of fairytale outfits have also been released, including a suit of armor, and multiple princess dresses.

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom Coming Soon

PetVille developer Zynga has revealed where the next attic Magic Door will be taking players: The Enchanted Kingdom!

The preview image shows a Fairytale shoe house, so the expansion might be similar to the Fairyland magic door. The PetVille fan page states that players can expect “A world of kings and queens, princes and princesses. A world of castles, dragons and other fantastic things.” Exciting!