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Happy Pets Adds New Bowls & Beds

Crowdstar’s Happy Pets added new “ultra-comfy” beds and “classy” bowls, earlier today. Most of the items are for sale for $FB, but a couple are available for in-game coins. The items are a considerable class above what has been available up to this point. Much more stylish, and following specific themes. Example:

A partial gallery is available after the jump. I couldn’t take snapshots of all the items, because I wasn’t a high enough level to view them. Happy Pets players should Check out the additions for themselves.

One note: I took snapshots of the “cat” versions of these items, but “dog” variations also exist. Never fear, dog lovers. Crowdstar has got your back.
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Second Petville Pawz Collectable Chazz Arrives

Hot on the heels of Pawz bassist Roxy, Petville has made the second Pawz band member available to gift: drummer Chazz.

Like Roxy, Chazz is available to give to your friends for today only, so get on the ball, people. I’m not playing much Petville day-to-day these days, but I still took a second to shoot off this cute little punk rocker to all my friends. If they don’t get one now, they never will.

Petville Now Speedier; Adds New Kitchen Items

Two unrelated pieces of Petville news crossed the wire, tonight. In order to save paper, I decided to combine them into one blog post. We are a carbon-neutral social games magazine. First off, the more boring but probably more impactful news:

Petville is now speedier. Zynga didn’t go in to specifics, beyond stating that they have “updated the game to improve game performance and fix some issues that might have slowed things down.” I have tested things out firsthand, and my anecdotal evidence is that the game does indeed seem to have more zip. My computer used to have more trouble keeping up with Petville than other Facebook games, but now that isn’t the case.

Second piece of news is the addition of a new line of retro kitchen furniture. It is available in both pink and black, and reminds me of my grandparent’s house. And also Leave it to Beaver. Check out the picks below. I apologize for the quality – my pet jumped suddenly into frame and ruined not one, not two, but THREE of the snapshots. At that point I lost my patience and just decided to snap some quick & dirty shots. Be sure to click the images for the full-size versions.

Boss Your Pets Around in Happy Pets

Not the most exciting news, but no improvement to a social game is too small for us here at SocialGameCentral. Today, Happy Pets added the ability to pick up your pets and move them around the room. Complete with amusingly cute animations and expressions.

For those keeping track, Zynga’s Petville also allows players to relocate pets with amusing results. Playfish’s Pet Society does not have this function. Let the social pet game wars commence! Competition leads to more full-featured games.

One Day Only: Petville Collectible Pawz Gift

Zynga’s Petville added a new giftable collectible – Pawz Bassist Roxy. The Catch? She is available *only* today – Tuesday, Jan. 12th. And only as a gift. So better start begging one of your friends to send you one now, before it is too late.

It is probably a safe assumption that we will see more Pawz rockers in the coming weeks and months. Will they all be limited time offers, or will other members of the band be easier to obtain? Only time will tell…

Petville Motorcycles Now Available

Earlier today Zynga’s Petville rolled out motorcycles for all those Hell’s Angels out there who didn’t want to fill their garage with just a car or two. Spendthrifts might also want to take a close look at the motorcycles, since they’re considerably cheaper than most of the cars for sale at the Luxury Car Emporium.

A full gallery of currently available motorcycles & their pricetags is available after the jump.

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