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PetVille Adds Music Clothing & Decorations

PetVille developer Zynga took a break from their Tahiki expansion today, releasing a small collection of music-inspired clothing and decorations. Like many PetVille updates, several of the new items feature familiar names, with a unique PetVille twist.

New parody items include: MooDonna poster, Bronas Cubs Poster, Madam Lala poster, Bearosmith poster, Daft Pet poster, and King of Bark poster. Other new items include: a disco ball, a pink guitar and amp, a record player, a vintage microphone, and a drum set.

A variety of rock ‘n roll clothing and hair options were also added. Our personal favorite is the Moe Bronas wig, available for 14 Pet Cash.

PetVille Introduces Tahiki Build-a-Hut

PetVille developer Zynga is giving players the opportunity to build their own beachside getaway! A new constructible Tiki Hut is now available for players that have access to the game’s Tahiki Paradise.

Like constructing your pet’s lawn, players can obtain the required construction materials in a variety of ways. Players can gift construction materials to one another via the PetVille gifts tab, they can purchase them with Pet Cash, or they can request a specific construction material by making a Facebook wall post. Hut materials include Bamboo, and Coconuts.

Best of all, this hut counts as a new room for your pet! Once it is built, players can travel inside and decorate it in the same way as any other PetVille room.

Happy Pets Adds World Cup Pets

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar released a set of World Cup pets today, colored to match the national colors of several participating World Cup countries.

The new pets are: Argentinian Cat, Brazilian Cat, German Cat, USA Cat, English Dog, Italian Dog, Spanish Dog, Mexican Horse, French Horse, and World Cup Hamster. All 10 are for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80). Although they aren’t expressly labeled as Limited Editions, like most special Happy Pets pets, they probably won’t be around forever.

What do you think about these new pet designs? In our opinion they’re a little garish. Maybe we just don’t have enough national pride?

Petville Expands Tahiki Item Set

Petville developer Zynga expanded the game’s already massive collection of Tahiki beach items, this week. The new items are unfortunately mixed in with the old, making it tough to tell exactly what is new and what isn’t. We snapped a variety of pictures of the more distinct new additions, though.

New items include: a gigantic yacht named Knot-a-Worry, a Tahiki Dance Party DJ, several tropical drinks, sunning mermaids, a ukelele player, lots of new male and female beachwear, a lifeguard tower and outfit, male and female sailor outfits, and an iceberg with several arctic inhabitants. A gigantic King Kong was also added to the dinosaur island, which we thought was a nice touch.

These new items essentially take the already-impressive expansion and cranks it up to 11. We’re excited to see what Petville comes out with next.

Happy Pets Adds Color Lenses

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added a new pet customization today: color lenses! Players can now change what color their pet’s eyes are. Although Crowdstar specifically calls these changes colored lenses (or colored contacts), the company also noted that the new color will carry on to the pet’s offspring. So I guess the change is really more like… eye color surgery? Or genetic modification?

In any case, available colors are: Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange. Each set of colored lenses costs 14 FB$ ($1.40).

Happy Pets Releases Rocking Horse Gifts

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar expanded on its recent horse themed additions in an oblique way today, with a collection of three rocking horse gifts. Players can now gift one another blue, pink, and brown rocking horses.

Like all gifts, these items are free to send to fellow Happy Pets players, although there is a cap on how many gifts and individual can send in a single day.

Petville Releases Attic with Special Tahiki Door

Petville developer Zynga released a new room this week – attics! But in typical Petville fashion, the feature includes a special twist. The attic features a magic door that can take players to the special beach paradise of Tahiki, but only after all the locks have been unlocked.

The Tahiki door locks come in several colors, and need a key of that same color to unlock it. Players can purchase a key for 5 pet cash, or can gift keys to their friends. Players can also request keys of a specific color from their friends by making a Facebook wall post – two each of yellow, red, blue, green, and purple keys are needed.

Another mystery magic door is also present in the attic, with a teaser that states it will be released summer 2010. Where else would you like to see these magic doors take your pet? The ski slopes? The jungle? The possibilities are now truly endless.

As if this weren’t enough, a truly massive collection of Tahiki items has also been released. And we do mean massive. We have 20 pictures of all the new Tahiki shop items, and we still might have missed a couple. We’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating: the Petville team’s ability to release so many new items so quickly is amazing, and is without peer in the social gaming space today.

A small sampling of the new items: beach umbrellas, beach towels, surfboards, a sand castle, inflatable water toys, a wooden dock, a volleyball net, a hula dancer and fire juggler, fruit trees, a hammock, male and female Tahiki beach clothing, a sea turtle, a background island (with dinosaurs!), a crashed airplane (with pilot!), a jet ski, several LOST parody items including a dirty blue van and a submarine, and many, many more.

All in all, this is an extremely impressive Petville update. You can see out extensive picture gallery of the new Petville attics, Tahiki Magic Door, and Tahiki decorations below. This post now sets the record for the most pictures snapped for a single SGC blog post!

Happy Pets Adds More Horses & Horse Decorations

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar added many new horses and horse decorations to the Happy Pets store this week, including the game’s first unicorn!

The new horse themed outdoor decorations are: Pitchfork, Cow Skull, Haystack, and Horse Farm background. All four, even the background, are for sale for coins.

The new horses themselves are a mixture of premium and normal, with the premium horses displaying much wilder color schemes and designs. The new horses are: Candy Unicorn, Psychedelic Horse, Plum Horse, Flame Horse, Chestnut Horse, Dun Horse, Butter Horse, and Bluegrass Horse.

The premium horses are all for sale for 88 FB$ ($8.80), besides the unicorn, which is for sale for 98 FB$ ($9.80). All are available in limited quantities, although as of now several thousand of each are still available, with the unicorn selling faster than the others.

Happy Pets Introduces Premium Pet Idol

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar has been releasing limited edition idols that provide players with large permanent benefits for several months now. Despite its rather generic name, the newly-released Pet Idol is probably the most valuable and beneficial idol released yet.

The Pet Idol is for sale for a whopping 598 FB$ ($59.80), but it provides an undeniably impressive bonus. All Pet Idol owners will receive one limited edition pet (that is, a pet that normally has to be purchased with premium currency) per day… FOREVER! Considering that premium pets in Happy Pets usually cost between $5 – $12, it shouldn’t take long for this idol to pay for itself.

In fact, we aren’t really sure Crowdstar thought this one though. One premium pet per day means that after just two months, players will have 60 new pets! We’re all for limited idols that provie permanent bonuses, but this Pet Idol might just be a little too much.

Petville Releases Tahiki Mystery Crate

Petville developer Zynga released a new ‘Tahiki’ Mystery Crate recently. The crate is for sale for 30 Pet Cash, and is guaranteed to contain one of five brand new yard items. So what’s inside? We have the full scoop:

- Wai Laguna Pond
- Lazy Day Hammock
- Three Tiki Torches
- Tiki Bar
- Umbrella & Beach Chair

This mystery crate is only available for about 9 more hours (until Midnight PST tonight it seems), so if any of these items strike your fancy, you better act fast!

Perhaps these beach items are a hint at a bigger expansion to come? Given all the recent hints about a Petville Magic Door, we think this line of thinking might be on to something…

Cheers to the official Petville forum for the prize pictures!