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Happy Pets Releases Shrek Themed Animals

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar continued their recent practice of releasing pets themed after famous fictional characters, this time opting for fairytale franchise Shrek.

Four pets are available in total: Dulok Swamp Ogre, Dulok Princess Ogre, Dulok Donkey, and Dulok Kitty. The two “Ogres” (they are actually green pigs) are modeled after Shrek, the Kitten is modeled after Puss in Boots, and Donkey is modeled after… Donkey.

One bit of trivia regarding these new pets – usually the Happy Pets parodies have fairly obvious names – Iron Cat for Iron Man, Catzilla for Godzilla, etc. But not so this time around. A quick Google search shows us that the term “Dulok” comes from the universe of Star Wars, oddly enough. Dulok Swamp on the moon of Endor is the home of the Duloks – a distant cousin to the adorable Ewoks from Return of the Jedi. Well played, Crowdstar.

Happy Pets Introduces Trapped Mystery Pet

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new trapped pet earlier today, in a feature almost identical to the Box of the Unknown popping up in Happy Island. The trapped pet can be found in Room 1 of players’ homes. To release and adopt the trapped animal, players will need to enlist the help of seven friends, to open the seven locks. Friends can be summoned by creating a Facebook wall post.

So, what is inside this mystery pet box? Crowdstar states that it contains one of six brand new, exclusive pets, with some being much more rare than others. SGC has learned that five of the six pets are albino versions of existing animals, while the sixth (and apparently most rare) is something brand new: a mini dinosaur!

Besides this mini dino, the other five pets are:
- Albino Horse
- Albino Ferret
- Albino Parrot
- Albino Guinea Pig
- Albino Bunny

Petville Drive-In Diner Opens

Petville developer Zynga introduced a new food-centric Pet’s Drive-In Diner decoration set today. One nice touch is that the decorations include many dishes available in Zynga’s restaurant game Cafe World. The items are available in the furniture shop, not a dedicated food store, as in Playfish’s Pet Society.

The items have a distinct 1950′s art deco style, and really nailed the diner atmosphere (with a special animal twist, of course). New items include: Green, Red, and Pink diner counter and stools, Old school cash register, diner window, jar of sugar, diner booths, neon signs, a jukebox, a jukebox music selector, and several more.

A very large collection of new food items have also been introduced. New dishes include: strawberry milkshake, roasted chicken, steak dinner, pizza, overstuffed peppers, chocolate cake, carmel apples, pumpkin pie, spaghetti, pancakes, a hot dog, and many more.

Petville Blue Mystery Gift Houses New Items

Petville developer Zynga added a new blue mystery gift to the Petville gifts tab, today. Like previous Petville mystery gift, there are a very large number (30+) of potential prizes inside. The majority of the mystery gift contents are items from holidays or expansions that can no longer be obtained by other means, including items from Valentine’s Day, the White Tigers collection, and more.

We don’t have a full list, but confirmed contents include:
- Free Pet Cash
- Toaster
- Bottle of Warm Rice Drink
- Cheshire Cat
- Animated Fairy (EXCLUSIVE to this mystery box!)
- Midnight Fairy
- Red Candle
- White Candle
- Blue Candle
- Pink Candle
- Green Candle
- Purple Candle
- Orange Candle
- Post-It Notes
- Mixed Berry Tart
- Cracked Egg
- Light Blue Purse
- 1000 coins

What did you get in your mystery gift? Let us know in the comments below!

Petville Adds Yard Material 5-Pack Gifts

Petville developer Zynga has given those players still working towards their yard a very welcome leg up. 5-packs of yard materials are now available on the Petville gifts tab! Considering that the entire yard requires 10 each of five different construction items, these item packs should considerably speed up construction times for struggling players.

As with all construction material gifts in Zynga’s games, players will have two random materials available to send to friends. So if you are looking for one specific material to complete construction, you will need to ask around to find a friend that is able to send it.

This extra yard help could be a sign that Zynga has big plans for Petville yards, and wants to ensure that as many players as possible have finished constructing theirs. Or perhaps the team just decided that the original construction process is just a little too lengthy. Whatever the reason, we aren’t complaining!

Petville Releases Pirate Mystery Crate

Petville developer Zynga has released a new Pirated-themed mystery crate, in a move that is undoubtedly an effort to get us to pony up for some Pet Cash. It is an open secret that we’re suckers for pirate gear in any social game. The crate is for sale for 18 Pet Cash, and contains one of seven exclusive pirate items.

So what’s inside? The full list of contents is a mystery, but SGC does have some intel for all you pirate fans out there. We have confirmed that there are new pirate-themed wallpapers and floor patterns, and Petville’s own promo image seems to reveal a handful of prizes, as well. We spot an overflowing treasure chest, a pirate parrot, and a pirate ship steering wheel, being controlled by (what else?) a pirate mouse.

To celebrate the occasion, players can also purchase a pirate outfit for their pet, in both male and female flavors. They are for sale next to the crate itself, in the premium showroom.

If any readers out there have intel on the rest of the prizes, drop us a line in the comments below.

Petville Introduces Neighbor Missions

Petville developer Zynga made a few improvements and additions to the game’s neighbor experience, this week. When cleaning trash in a neighbor’s home, the home’s minimap will now display dirty rooms as red, and clean rooms as green. No more need to spend forever hunting down that final banana peel!

The new neighbor missions are an even cooler addition, though. Some of your Petville neighbors will now display a “Help!” icon above their portrait, which means a mission is available. When visiting, players can spend a little energy to hunt for *one* specific lost item, instead of cleaning up dozens of trash items. In our test, we were tasked with finding a lost watch. Petville’s example shows a lost cell phone. Once found, players earn some coins and XP for helping their friend out.

Pet Society Adds Big City Item Set

Pet Society developer Playfish added a large collection of ‘Big City’ decorations this week. The expansion makes sense, considering that the game has over 17,000,000 players. If the population of Pet Society were a city, it would have twice as many residents as New York City!

New items include: Sports Cars, Traffic Light, Subway Entrance, Lamp Posts, Newspaper Stands, Loft Brick Walls, City View Window, and many more. As always, these items are scattered across Pet Society’s several shops. So be sure to check out the Garden store, Furniture store, Boutique, D.I.Y. store, and all the rest.

Happy Pets Unleashes Catzilla

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar seems to have perfected the art of releasing special, limited-edition pets. Usually these animals are just normal dogs or cats with a fancy or themed paint jobs. But today, Crowdstar released a cat line-up that is truly special.

Four new “Catzilla” cats are now available: Microcat, Megacat, Ultracat, and Catzilla himself. The hook is that these cats are available in special sizes. Microcat is half the size of a normal Happy Pets cat, and the other three range in size, with the largest (presumably Catzilla) clocking in at THREE TIMES the normal cat size. That’s one big pet!

Catzilla carries a equally big price tag: 198 FB$ ($19.80). The other three limited editions range in price from 88 – 158 FB$.

If this pet line-up is a success, expect to see special ultra-big & ultra-small dogs, turtles, piglets, parrots, and more hit the Happy pets shop in the coming weeks and months.

Petville Releases Johan’s Candy Shoppe Expansion

Johan Honeycrumb’s exclusive item collection is now available in Petville’s furniture shop and premium showroom. The dream of owning your own candy factory (complete with gummy bear workers) probably isn’t as common as, say, having a big yard, or having a hot Paris pad, but this is still a nifty (and obviously quite unique) expansion.

As usual, Petville has left other social games in the dust when it comes to the level of intricacy and detail found in these items. One thing we’ve noticed here at SGC over the last several months is that Petville items are becoming more and more dynamic, with fewer static decorations, and more animated ones. It makes it harder for us to do these items justice in our screenshots!

In any case, new additions include: chocolate cupcake chair, several gummy bear workers, Choo Choo Candy Mountain window scene, Banana Split Sofa, Candy Shop Counter, an ice cream truck, and a Bear Powered Candy Machine. A variety of less fancy “staples” of the confectionary world are also available, including eggs, flour, a mixing bowl, a spatula, etc.