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PetVille Adds New Neighborhood Feature

PetVille developer Zynga has launched a significant new feature: neighborhoods! Although the feature is still in early testing, it has potential to significantly change how PetVille is played.

Players can now travel outside of their pet’s home, and view the neighborhood via an overhead view, similar to FarmVille or FrontierVille. Players can click where they want their pet to walk, and can also click to interact with various elements of the environment, including pulling weeds, cleaning recycle bins, and gathering fruit from fruit trees.

Every task consumes some energy, which refills over time. Players can receive missions from Rosie or other PetVille inhabitants, to help guide the efforts to clean up the neighborhood.

Players have a separate, new experience bar for tasks completed outside the home. Leveling up outdoors refills a player’s energy bar, and also unlocks access to new neighborhood features. A fishing pond, wishing well, school house, news stand, and Union Square are all listed as ‘Coming Soon.’

We’ll have more on this major PetVille upgrade very soon.

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom Available Now!

When PetVille developer Zynga said that the next magic door would be opening soon, they weren’t kidding! Barely a day after teasing the launch of the Enchanted Kingdom magic door, the location was released.

Like other magic doors, the gateway to the Enchanted Kingdom can be found in PetVille players’ attics. To gain access, players will first need to collect 12 keys. Keys can be freely gifted to fellow PetVille players from the free gifts tab, or they can be purchased for 5 PV$ each.

A variety of Enchanted Kingdom decorations have also been added to the PetVille outdoor store. New items include: a yellow brick road, a giant beanstalk, a shoe house, several new varieties of flower, and a baby flying dragon. A variety of fairytale outfits have also been released, including a suit of armor, and multiple princess dresses.

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom Coming Soon

PetVille developer Zynga has revealed where the next attic Magic Door will be taking players: The Enchanted Kingdom!

The preview image shows a Fairytale shoe house, so the expansion might be similar to the Fairyland magic door. The PetVille fan page states that players can expect “A world of kings and queens, princes and princesses. A world of castles, dragons and other fantastic things.” Exciting!

PetVille Adds Four More Rooms

The space race is on in Facebook pet games, it seems. Hot on the heels of Crowdstar adding several new indoor and outdoor spaces to their pet game Happy Pets, Zynga has followed suit. Players can now purchase four more rooms for their PetVille homes, bringing the total amount of indoor space up to a whopping 16 rooms. This doesn’t even count the attic and the magic doors within.

It’s hard to imagine where Facebook pet games can go from here. At what point does the addition of more rooms just become a little silly? 20? 40? More rooms are nice, since they give players more space to decorate and individualize. But we think Zynga is on the right track with their Magic Door system. It allows players to have more and more space to work with, without requiring their pets to live in sprawling mega mansions.

PetVille Survey Hints at Future Magic Door Themes

PetVille developer Zynga is running a survey, asking players where they think they next PetVille Magic Door should lead. It is always possible that Zynga will go in a completely different direction, but if previous Zynga surveys are anything to go by, it is likely that several of the choices presented will eventually be developed and released.

The choices are:

- Fantasy (Castles, Unicorns & Dragons)
- Magic School (Wizards, Spells, & Magic Wands)
- Greek / Roman
- Underwater / Atlantis
- Outer Space
- Egypt
- Middle Ages or Renaissance
- Pony Stable
- Halloween (Haunted House)
- Winter Wonderland (North Pole / Snow)
- Western (Wild West & Cowboys)

Zynga has also given players the opportunity to write in a magic door suggestion of their own. We encourage all SGC readers to put in a vote for a pirate theme.

PetVille Releases Midnight Crypt Items

PetVille developer Zynga released a creepy collection of Midnight Crypt decorations, earlier this week. The items don’t officially belong to the Twilight parody “Dusk” item set, but with an emphasis on skulls, bats, and other creepy imagery, the two certainly go well together.

New items include new crypt wallpaper and flooring, several different potions, stained glass windows, candelabras, gothic portraits, a Poltergeist TV, a hanging bat, and more.

A new Midnight Crypt mystery crate is also for sale for 20 Pet Cash. The crate is guaranteed to contain one of five exclusive items. Players have a 10% chance of obtaining a rare decoration, 30% chance uncommon, and a 60% chance of receiving a common item.

PetVille Adds Jaycub & More Dusk Items

PetVille developer Zynga has expanded its collection of “Dusk” Twilight parody items. Further fueling the vampires vs. werwolves debate, players can now purchase the transforming Jaycub, as well as the previously-released sparkling Petward. Both are available for just over nine more days.

Other new additions include Stella Fawn, Allison Culven, Josalie Tail, and more Twilight-inspired yard decorations.

We should point out that there are two versions of both Jaycub and Petward available. The slightly pricier, limited edition version of each animate more elaborately.

PetVille Releases ‘Twilight’ Parody Items

PetVille developer Zynga jumped on the vampire bandwagon this week with a collection of “Dusk” items, modeled after the enduringly popular Twilight series of books and movies. The highlight of the expansion is probably the new animated “Petward” – and yes, he sparkles. Zynga as assured fans that “JayCub” is coming soon.

Other new decorations include: a variety of vampire themed clothing items and accessories, a moody street light, a red pickup truck, a gigantic wolf, a sparkling gazebo, a creepy woods outdoor background, and more.

These items can all be found in the outdoor store, and can only be purchased by players that have unlocked their PetVille yards, new clothes excepted. They can be purchased by anyone.

PetVille Giving Away Wings with Purchases

PetVille developer Zynga has announced that all players that purchase any Pet Cash package will receive a special bonus: a pair of animated Fairy Glow wings! Perhaps the freebie isn’t quite what some players would have wanted, but free is free, we say.

After purchasing Pet Cash, the wings are automatically given to players within their wardrobe. They can be found by clicking the T-Shirt icon. An expiration date for this promotion has not been given, but it likely won’t be around forever. So if these wings strike your fancy, better grab your free pair while you can!

PetVille Releases New Treehouse Decorations

In addition to all the Fairy Meadows decorations released in PetVille’s Outdoor Store, Zynga has also introduced a new set of Treehouse decorations in the game’s furniture store. The decorations are mostly every day household items blown up to extremely large size, giving the impression that anyone in the room is miniature and fairy sized. Or perhaps PetVille pets truly are shrunk down to size any time they visit their magic treehouse.

In any case, new decorations include: a storybook, an inkwell + quill, a collection of five flying fairies, a pincushion, an hourglass, a pipe furnace, a lunch box, a jar of honey, an hourglass, and plenty more.

Only players that have constructed their treehouse room have access to these new items, and only players that have unlocked the Fairyland magic door in their attic have access to the treehouse.