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City of Wonder Adds Two Technologies

City of Wonder developer Playdom continued fleshing out the game’s mid-level tech tree this week, adding two more technologies for players to research: Hydraulics, and Fine Art.

Hydraulics requires level 14. It takes 26 hours to research, and unlocks a variety of water-themed buildings, including aqueducts, and water fountains. On the tech tree, it follows Irrigation, and provides another pathway to Steam Power.

Fine Art requires level 19. It can be researched in 30 hours, and unlocks the Louvre wonder. It follows Art on the tech tree.

Tiki Farm Adds Promotional Pyramid

Tiki Farm developer Playdom has updated their tropical farming game with a new pyramid decoration, but it is only available to players willing to check out another Playdom game – City of Wonder. All Tiki Farm players that reach at least level 5 in City of Wonder will find the pyramid decoration in their Tiki Farm gift box.

The pyramid itself is quite large – nearly the size of the volcano on players’ first island. It also features several snazzy floodlights.

City of Wonder Adds New Research

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a few new technologies for players to research, as well as some complimentary new structures. Civilizations that are advanced enough can now research Police, and Explosives.

The Police research is unlocked at level 16. It takes 24 hours to complete, and earns 350 XP upon completion. It unlocks (what else?) the Police Station structure.

The Explosives research is unlocked at level 25. It takes 44 hours to complete, and earns 510 XP upon completion. It unlocks the Munitions Depot structure.

Social City Releases Chinatown Gift Set

In our opinion, no big city is complete without a bustling Chinatown district. Social City developer Playdom seems to agree. The company has released a special collection of one-day-only Chinatown gifts on the Social City free gifts tab.

The event started on Sunday, meaning we’re already on day three of the five day promotion. Today’s free gift is Chinatown Apartment 3. Players that manage to collect all five of the free Chinatown gifts win the limited edition Dragon Dance Park. If a player has missed one of the free gifts, they can play Social City’s Gift Raffle for a second chance at collecting it.

A matching Chinatown Market premium building is also for sale for City Bucks in the Social City in-game newspaper.

Market Street Adds New Limited Edition Items

Playdom’s smash-hit retail game Market Street received a small updated today, in the form of a few new limited edition decorations. Like most social game LE items, these additions are only available for Crowns, the game’s premium currency, and are only available in limited quantities.

The new items are a giant Crossword Poster, a Globe Stand, and a Glass Coffee Table. Three previous LE items are still available, although their supplies are dwindling. The Garden Gnome, Vintage Register, and Canvas Painting will soon be sold out.

City of Wonder Adds Labor Day Buildings

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a handful of buildings and decorations, to celebrate the impending Labor Day holiday. Players can now purchase: Mess Hall, Lake, Fishing Hole, and Picnic.

The new Mess Hall costs 20 Gold Bars, and provides +40 Attack, and +80 Defense. The Lake costs 13 Gold Bars, and provides +1300 Happiness, and +130 Culture. The Picnic Provides +830 Happiness, and + 83 Culture. Finally, the Fishing Hole costs 6,900 coins and provides 316 Happiness and 32 Culture.

City of Wonder Adds Angkor Wat Wonder

Playdom’s smash-hit historical town building title City of Wonder has received its first significant content update. Players can now construct a new wonder: Hindu temple Angkor Wat!

Like other Wonders, players have two ways to obtain Angkor Wat. It can be purchased with 25 Gold Bars, or it can be constructed with the help of 15 friends. When constructed, it provides 300 Culture and 1500 Happiness, with an added Wonder bonus of +3% to total Happiness and Culture. The only research requirement is Mysticism.

A matching new Angkor Wat home has been added to City of Wonder’s free gifts tab.

Playdom Launches Terranova

Playdom and Atakama Labs have announced the launch of their newest title: Terranova! Players play as an astronaut sent to a desert planet with the goal of restoring it back to life.

Players begin with just a tiny section of land they can plant flowers and other plants on. But once they nurture their first flower to health, the area of green, plantable land is increased. By planting more and more greenery, players will slowly transform the planet from a desert wasteland into a blooming oasis.

The game also has a strong element of exploration. As players level up and meet other milestones, more regions of the planet are unlocked.

Market Street Updates Shelves

Market Street developer Playdom has made a small but potentially very important change to the way the game’s merchandise shelves work. The move is sure to please the game’s 8 million (and counting!) players.

Small shelves now hold twice as much inventory. One row of items on the lower level of the shelf, and one on the upper. This gives players the opportunity to double their income! Full details on this change can be found on the Market Street Knowledge Base.

Tiki Resort Introduces Two New Wonders

Tiki Resort developer Playdom has introduced two new wonders: Deep Sea Wonder, and Salsa Wonder. Like all Tiki Resort Wonders, both are very large and elaborate, but have large price tags to match.

The Salsa Wonder costs 1.5 million coins, or 250 FB Credits. It dresses all resort tourists in salsa dancing outfits. The Deep Sea Wonder costs 1.35 million coins, or 79 FB Credits. It dresses all characters in adventure outfits.