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Restaurant City Adds Coffee Bar

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a new limited time collectible today: a coffee bar! Players can earn it by mastering the Hazelnut Latte recipe.

The Hazelnut Latte recipe requires Coffee Beans, Milk, and Hazelnut ingredients to learn. Players will need 10 of each to fully master the recipe and earn their Coffee Bar. Players can earn the ingredients by trading, gifting, or visiting friends. The ingredients can also be purchased with PF Cash.

Players that also master a pastry recipe will be given a free chef for their Coffee Bar.

This new coffee serving mechanic should fit very nicely with this week’s upcoming Paris themed decorations. The new decor will be hitting the Restaurant City store on Thursday.

Restaurant City Releases Tuscany Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish announced that this week is Tuscany Week! A variety of Tuscan decorations have been added to the Restaurant City shop, giving players plenty of ways to give their restaurant an Italian flair.

New items include: Breton Chair, Blue Check Table, Hanging Meat, Walnut Planks floor, Rustic Brick Wallpaper, Meat Smoker, Grape Juice Barrel, Milk Urn, Grape Trestle, and plenty more.

There doesn’t appear to be any new recipe ingredients or menu items to accompany these new decorations, giving players a chance to catch up one some of the previously added foodstuffs.

Pirates Ahoy Launches Battle Arena

Pirates Ahoy from Playfish launched a major new feature this week, to further evolve the game beyond its treasure digging roots. Players can now challenge their friends in ship vs. ship combat! Besides earning plenty of glory, players can also win coins, gems, and other rewards.

Players begin with three challenges per day, and can get more in daily neighbor visits, by digging, or by purchasing them with Playfish cash. Right now, players can only challenge their fellow Pirates Ahoy neighbors. After challenging a friend to a fight, players then pick what attacks they want to perform.

There are three battle moves to choose from – Ram, Shoot, and Shield. Every fight has five attack rounds, and players choose which move to perform each round. Victory is decided in a rock, paper, scissors manor – shoot beats shield, shield beats ram, and ram beats shoot.

After challenging your opponent, they will then need to log in and select their own attack moves. Then you can see which ship came out on top! The more players battle, the higher their battle rank becomes. Thicker shields, more devastiting cannons, and other upgrades can then be purchased. Players can also spend some Playfish Cash to give themselves an even bigger edge.

Restaurant City Adds Moroccan Bazaar Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish went exotic with this week’s item expansion, adding a collection of extravagant Moroccan Bazaar decorations.

New decorations include: Moroccan chairs, Turkish rugs, a hookah, a golden kettle, mosaic floor and wall tiles, Moroccan market arches, and more. Like most Restaurant City expansions, the items are permanent additions to the shop, and are available for a mixture of coins and PF Cash.

New themed recipes are also available. Players can now serve Lamb Shank and Doner Kebab to their customers.

Pirates Ahoy Revises Friend Visit Bonus

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish has given the game’s friend visit bonus a much-needed revision, this week. Now, when a player visits a neighbor for the first time, they are awarded a random prize – either gold, food, or even metals.

In fact, visiting neighbors is now the ONLY way to receive the metals needed to restore found treasures. Gems can still be dug up at random.

In our testing gold and energy were much more common prizes than metals, but we still received plenty after making our way through our entire Pirates Ahoy friends list. It seems likely that players will build up a large stockpile of metals thanks to this new system if they consistently check in and stay social with their fellow Pirates Ahoy players.

Pirates Ahoy Adds New Decorations

A handful of new home island decorations have been added to Playfish’s treasure digging title Pirates Ahoy, giving players a few more options for customizing their pirate HQ.

The new items are: Lava Statue, Hay Roll, Scarecrow, Wooden Crane, Pirate Wagon, and Fish Pond. All of these new items are available for coins besides the special lava statue. It is for sale for 13 PF Cash, and when purchased it turns the ocean water around your home island into red lava!

A new sailing perk has also been released – the game’s 2nd. As its name implies, the new Invincible perk allows players to win every monster battle for seven days, at a cost of 20 PF Cash.

Restaurant City Sports Week Begins

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a collection of sports themed decorations this week. The new items are more than just the typical sparts bar pennants and big screen TVs – everything from half time musical stars to basketball court floors are now available.

New decorations include: Baseball Mit Chair, Soccer Table, Mini Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey Table, Basketball Stove, Sports Pennant, and plenty more. A collection of animated sports stars are also available on the Decoration tab. Besides sports legends like “Joe DiSmashio,” two figures modeled after Justin Beiber and Rihanna have also been introduced.

Pirates Ahoy Releases Farming Decorations

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish released another batch of new decorations today. Most of the new items follow a farming theme, but a few of the new additions strike us as being more pirate-like. There are also a few new high-end premium additions.

The new decorations are: Barn, Pirate Sign, Skull Cave, Carrot, and a Cow. Playfish also released two new packages for players looking for more gems and precious metals to help restore collected treasures. A Small Gem Mine and a Small Metal Mine are both for sale for seven PF Cash. They both provide players with a total of ten gems or metals, one every 24 hours.

Lastly, the new premium Beehive decoration is quite expensive at 75 Playfish Cash, but it provides a hefty bonus, as well. Players that purchase the Beehive will receive a 10% energy boost honeycomb per day, forever!

Pirates Ahoy Introduces Storage Collection

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish introduced a new Storage treasure collection, today. The prize for completing the collection is a storage shed, which gives players +10 storage space for their home island treasure chest. Unlike other treasure collections, players can repeatedly complete this Storage collection, providing them with more and more storage space.

The collection is made up of six treasures, which must be dug up and restored in the same manner as other Pirates Ahoy treasures. Storage treasures can be found at random in any of the Pirates Ahoy locations.

My Empire Adds New Chichen Itza Wonder

A new Wonder is available for My Empire players to build: Chichen Itza. To complete construction however, player will need to first defeat plenty of the new enemy pirates.

Each pirate defeated will give players either coins, Emerald, Ruby, or Topaz. These rare goods can then be used to complete construction of the Wonder. The Wonder might not be historically accurate, considering the town My Empire players are building is ostensibly Roman, but it certainly does look cool, doesn’t it?