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Cafe World Introduces Cooking Academy

Cafe World developer Zynga has finally kicked off the next evolution of their hit restaurant game. Players can now take the first steps towards joining the Cooking Academy.

The event kicks off with a letter from Amelia herself, but she quickly dumps players off onto Matty, who guides players through the chain of missions they must complete to gain admittance.

Things start off easy enough. For the first referral, players must cook a Spitfire Roast Chicken (one of the game’s first recipes), and then serve it to three customers. Next, players must simply finish construction of their Spice Rack (if they haven’t already). For the second referral, players must visit at least one neighbor, and eat two neighbor’s daily dishes.

The third and final referral mission simply requires players to spice five neighbor dishes. A simple task, considering an earlier mission required players complete their spice rack.

Once all the missions are complete, players earn their Light Blue Cravat, and are accepted into the cooking academy. For now, the chain of missions ends somewhat anticlimactically – there are no more academy activities to complete. We’re sure more are in the works, though.

Cafe World One Year Anniversary Event Kicks Off

Cafe World developer Zynga launched their restaurant game almost exactly one year ago. To celebrate the milestone, the company is promising a “big event full of great deals, new contests, and our most exciting Catering order ever!”

For now, the festivities are just getting under way. To kick off the celebration, Zynga is giving all player’s 1 free Cafe Cash – the game’s premium currency. To collect a freebie, all a player needs to do is click this link. No strings attached.

Thanks, Zynga!

Cafe World Introduces Grand Master Chef Statue

Cafe World developer Zynga has introduced a new premium statue: the Grand Master Chef! Once placed in a player’s restaurant, this statue allows players to master dishes three times faster for one week – an ideal bonus for those players trying to fully complete their recipe book.

There are two ways to obtain a Grand Master Chef. It can be purchased straight-up for 25 Cafe Cash, or can be constructed for free with the help of friends. To complete construction, players will need 8 each of: Magic Herbs, Secret Spices, Ancient Recipes, and Secret Scrolls. Players can get these items from their friends for free by making a Facebook wall post requesting them.

After the statue’s week long bonus is finished, players can pay 8 Cafe Cash to recharge it and get another week of 3X recipe mastery.

Restaurant City Adds Coffee Bar

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a new limited time collectible today: a coffee bar! Players can earn it by mastering the Hazelnut Latte recipe.

The Hazelnut Latte recipe requires Coffee Beans, Milk, and Hazelnut ingredients to learn. Players will need 10 of each to fully master the recipe and earn their Coffee Bar. Players can earn the ingredients by trading, gifting, or visiting friends. The ingredients can also be purchased with PF Cash.

Players that also master a pastry recipe will be given a free chef for their Coffee Bar.

This new coffee serving mechanic should fit very nicely with this week’s upcoming Paris themed decorations. The new decor will be hitting the Restaurant City store on Thursday.

Cafe World Releases Japanese Decor

Cafe World developer Zynga drew inspiration from the Far East for this week’s item expansion. A variety of Japanese themed items are now for sale in Cafe World’s indoor and outdoor stores.

New items include: Japanese Table & Chair, Ocean Painting, Slide Wall Door, Karaoke Stage, Bamboo Fountain, Taiko Drum, Sumo Wrestler, and a Ninja. Perhaps not the most nuanced representation of Japanese culture around, but certainly an entertaining collection nonetheless.

The outdoor store only received a few small additions. Players can now purchase a Zen Garden and a Koi Pond for their cafe yards.

Restaurant City Releases Tuscany Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish announced that this week is Tuscany Week! A variety of Tuscan decorations have been added to the Restaurant City shop, giving players plenty of ways to give their restaurant an Italian flair.

New items include: Breton Chair, Blue Check Table, Hanging Meat, Walnut Planks floor, Rustic Brick Wallpaper, Meat Smoker, Grape Juice Barrel, Milk Urn, Grape Trestle, and plenty more.

There doesn’t appear to be any new recipe ingredients or menu items to accompany these new decorations, giving players a chance to catch up one some of the previously added foodstuffs.

Chocolatier Improves Recipe Book

Chocolatier developer Playfirst made a small but welcome change to the way the game’s recipe book works, today. The recipe book now remembers the last item a player made, and will automatically open to that page, the next time it is opened. This should make it easier to create large batches of chocolate.

A small change, but a notable one for a couple of reasons. For one, this tweak is a direct result of player feedback, and proves Playfirst is plugged in to their community. Additionally, it is little usability tweaks of this nature that in our opinion are missing from most social games. Plenty of social games are fun and addictive, but they are missing that extra layer of polish and user interface design that most commercial console or PC titles receive.

Cafe World Birthday Party Catering Event Begins

Cafe World developer Zynga has revealed the game’s first catering mission. Players have been asked to cater the birthday party of Amelia’s (the game’s pink-haired promotor) niece. Players that complete the mission quickly enough will earn an exclusive new recipe.

Catering missions appear to be somewhat similar to FarmVille Co-Op Farming mission. Players are tasked with cooking a large amount of food within a specific time limit, and can get help from their friends to ensure they finish in time. For the birthday party, players need to provide the niece’s favorite foods: Triple Berry Cheesecake, Clubhouse Sandwiches, and Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Depending on how fast a player is, they will receive 1, 2, or 3 stars for their order. More stars means more bonus Cafe Points and coins. Players that recieve at least 2 stars will also unlock the next catering order. Finally, players that earn all three stars earn a special bonus: an exclusive Birthday Cupcake recipe! The cupcakes cook in just 1 minute.

Cafe World Releases Wild West Decorations

Cafe World developer Zynga has released another collection of Wild West decorations, giving players even more options for converting their restaurant into a honky tonk saloon.

New decorations include: saloon door, saloon bar, wanted posters, and saloon wallpaper. A collection of animated patrons and staff members have also been released, including a can-can dancer, poker players, and a gunslinger.

The outdoor store also received some love. Players can purchase a saloon roof, horses, pale dirt, train tracks, and more Old West items for the exterior of their restaurant.

Restaurant City Adds Moroccan Bazaar Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish went exotic with this week’s item expansion, adding a collection of extravagant Moroccan Bazaar decorations.

New decorations include: Moroccan chairs, Turkish rugs, a hookah, a golden kettle, mosaic floor and wall tiles, Moroccan market arches, and more. Like most Restaurant City expansions, the items are permanent additions to the shop, and are available for a mixture of coins and PF Cash.

New themed recipes are also available. Players can now serve Lamb Shank and Doner Kebab to their customers.