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Restaurant City Adds Coffee Bar

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a new limited time collectible today: a coffee bar! Players can earn it by mastering the Hazelnut Latte recipe.

The Hazelnut Latte recipe requires Coffee Beans, Milk, and Hazelnut ingredients to learn. Players will need 10 of each to fully master the recipe and earn their Coffee Bar. Players can earn the ingredients by trading, gifting, or visiting friends. The ingredients can also be purchased with PF Cash.

Players that also master a pastry recipe will be given a free chef for their Coffee Bar.

This new coffee serving mechanic should fit very nicely with this week’s upcoming Paris themed decorations. The new decor will be hitting the Restaurant City store on Thursday.

Restaurant City Releases Tuscany Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish announced that this week is Tuscany Week! A variety of Tuscan decorations have been added to the Restaurant City shop, giving players plenty of ways to give their restaurant an Italian flair.

New items include: Breton Chair, Blue Check Table, Hanging Meat, Walnut Planks floor, Rustic Brick Wallpaper, Meat Smoker, Grape Juice Barrel, Milk Urn, Grape Trestle, and plenty more.

There doesn’t appear to be any new recipe ingredients or menu items to accompany these new decorations, giving players a chance to catch up one some of the previously added foodstuffs.

Restaurant City Adds Moroccan Bazaar Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish went exotic with this week’s item expansion, adding a collection of extravagant Moroccan Bazaar decorations.

New decorations include: Moroccan chairs, Turkish rugs, a hookah, a golden kettle, mosaic floor and wall tiles, Moroccan market arches, and more. Like most Restaurant City expansions, the items are permanent additions to the shop, and are available for a mixture of coins and PF Cash.

New themed recipes are also available. Players can now serve Lamb Shank and Doner Kebab to their customers.

Restaurant City Sports Week Begins

Restaurant City developer Playfish released a collection of sports themed decorations this week. The new items are more than just the typical sparts bar pennants and big screen TVs – everything from half time musical stars to basketball court floors are now available.

New decorations include: Baseball Mit Chair, Soccer Table, Mini Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey Table, Basketball Stove, Sports Pennant, and plenty more. A collection of animated sports stars are also available on the Decoration tab. Besides sports legends like “Joe DiSmashio,” two figures modeled after Justin Beiber and Rihanna have also been introduced.

Restaurant City Releases Bowling Items

Every time we think social game developers must surely be running out of expansion themes, one of them does something so off-the-wall that we realize the expansion idea well will likely never run dry. Playfish is the most recent example, releasing a collection of bowling themed items in Restaurant City this week.

New decorations include: bowling lane floor tiles, oversized bowling pins and balls, bowling sign, waitress, bowling lane table, and more.

The item collection isn’t as extensive as some that have hit Restaurant City, but Playfish has made up for this lack of volume with an elaborate fully-animated Bowling Alley prop. Players can actually see their customers bowling strikes or gutter balls, and can earn some extra cash with the decoration. To unlock it, players must fully master the new PFC Family Bucket recipe.

Restaurant City Releases Versailles Grandeur Expansion

Restaurant City developer Playfish kept its string of high-class expansions rolling this week, with a new set of Versailles Grandeur decorations. This set follows last week’s Baroque Opulence expansion. While those items focused on Western Europe as a whole, this new set, as its name implies, has more of a French style.

New decorations include: a variety of marble tables and “exquisite” chairs, wall mounted candles, an elegant rug, Marie Antoinette herself, several marble columns, and a harpsichord. The highlight of the expansion is probably the addition of The Three Musketeers – Athos, Aramis, and Porthos. Although, oddly, Athos and Aramis are for sale for PF Cash and Porthos for coins. Poor Porthos.

In true French fashion, Duck has also been introduced as a new recipe ingredient. Players can find it by visiting their neighbor’s restaurants.

Restaurant City Releases Baroque Opulence Expansion

Restaurant City developer Playfish once again took players back in time with this week’s item set, entitled Baroque Opulence. Opulent is indeed the proper word to describe this collection of new decorations – they all seem to revel in decadence and excess.

For those not up on their history, the Baroque period (or of artwork and culture more specifically) took place in Western Europe between the late 1500s and early 1700s, and is characterized by its excessive ornamentation.

New decorations include: palatial tables and chairs, ornate windows and doors, candelabras, marble floor patterns, oil paintings, and plenty more. Even Louis XIV can be purchased!

Restaurant City Releases Psychedelic 60s Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish once again took a trip in their social game decoration time machine – this time landing in the 1960s! A wide variety of 60s themed decorations are now for sale, including parodies of the ultimate icons of the decade: The Beatles.

John Lemon and Mango Star are for sale for Playfish Cash, while Paul Macaroni and George Halibut can be purchased with coins. As cute as these animated Beatles stars are, our favorite new addition is the Hippy Ice Cream Van. It even makes money – 1000 coins every four hours.

Other new items include: Bead Curtain Door, Pink Mod Sofa, Plum Floor Rug, Hippy Potted Plant, Incense Holder, Hippy Tent, Hippy Guitarist, Earth Mother Statue, Mystic Statue, and plenty more.

Restaurant City Releases Lounge Expansion

Restaurant City developer Playfish released an extensive lounge expansion this week, with much more to see and collect than just new decorations (although there are plenty of those, too).

The centerpiece of the expansion is the new Lounge Bar. Players gain access when they master the Coco Colada drink recipe all the way up to level 10. The Lounge Bar allows players to hire one of their friends to serve as a bartender. More drinks are displayed behind the bar as players master them, unlocking special bonuses.

Speaking of drinks, a new Mint ingredient has been added, allowing for a new Mint Breeze drink recipe, among others.

New lounge decorations include: Jazz Singer, Saxophone Player, Bouncer, Night Lounge Lightning, Night Lounge Door, Funky Lounge seating, and plenty more.

One final nifty addition – players that master the Boston Cooler drink unlock a Night Sculpture. As long as the sculpture is in your restaurant, it will be nighttime outside. Neat!

Restaurant City Releases Remixed Color Expansion

Restaurant City developer Playfish decided to break from the mold, this week. Rather than release a set of items centered around a specific theme, the company instead took decorations from several previous expansions, and recolored them. While this is perhaps not as fun as an aliens or Egyptians, more choice is always a good thing.

New decorations include: a variety of black and pink wall dividers, a pink tiger cub, tables in several Spring-colored pastels, and pastel wall hangings.

A Sphinx and an Obelisk are also available, for those players that have been saving up their coins. The Sphinx adds +1 second of customer patience, and the Onyx Obelisk provides +2.5 to maximum popularity.