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FrontierVille Adds Camping Gear

FrontierVille developer Zynga added a collection of camping decorations this week, for those homesteaders that believe that even sleeping in a log cabin is too cushy. Like most FrontierVille item expansions, a few of the items are limited editions, but most are permanent additions to the FrontierVille shop.

The new items are: Popcorn Kettle, Pink Bed Roll, Green Bed Roll, Large Tent, Weenie Stick, Mallow Stick, Camp Pack, Trail Bag, Hanging Lantern, Lantern, Camping Seat, Camping Chair, Canteen, and Coffee Pot. The items are available for a mixture of coins and horseshoes. Many of the furnishing items also require a small amount of wood to purchase.

Castle Age Introduces Gehenna, The Fire Elemental

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age introduced a brand new boss today: Gehenna, The Fire Elemental. Players can now send one another the new gift needed to summon him.

The fight introduces a new “Rage Meter” mechanic. The rage bar fills the more a player attacks, and boosts a player’s total damage as it increases.

Gehenna also drops a variety of new legendary loot, including Tyrant Crown, Rune of Flame, and Flame Invoker.

FrontierVille Kicks Off Labor Day Celebrations

Frontier living might be rough, but that isn’t stopping the citizens of Zynga’s FrontierVille from having some Labor Day fun on their homesteads. To celebrate the holiday, there are new missions, new schoolhouse lessons, and a new item collection.

The new missions must be purchased from the FrontierVille store, and all revolve around getting ready to go back to school. The first mission revolves around players finishing their farm chores, and requires players harvest crops, sell goats, and plant fruit trees.

The new school house missions (some of which are limited editions) are: Writing, Hunting, Canning, Early to Bed, and Healthy Education. They allow players to hire more neighbors, get more items from varmints, earn more food from harvesting, replenish energy faster, and give +5 to max energy.

Finally, the new Labor Day collection contains: Book Strap, School Bell, Paddle, Worm Apple, amd Globe. Players can obtain the items by tending clovers, tending neighbor potatoes, tending neighbor tomatos, harvest apple trees, and tending neighbor corn.

FrontierVille Releases Summer BBQ Decorations

FrontierVille developer Zynga has decided that it isn’t quite ready to stop paying tribute to Summer yet. The company has released a new collection of Summer BBQ FrontierVille decorations, to help players further extend the season’s good vibes.

The new decorations are: Picnic Table, Tasty Pig Table, Lawn Recliner, Drinks Tub, Melon Table, Burger Grill, Charcoal, Messy Table, Dutch Oven, BBQ Grill, Steak Grill, Pot o’ Veggies, Smoker, and a Chuck Wagon. The additions are an even mixture of permanent decorations and limited editions, and an even mixture of coin and horseshoe items.

In our opinion the Burger Grill is the most exciting of the new coin items. One thing is for sure – these new decorations are definitely not vegetarian friendly!

Playdom Launches Terranova

Playdom and Atakama Labs have announced the launch of their newest title: Terranova! Players play as an astronaut sent to a desert planet with the goal of restoring it back to life.

Players begin with just a tiny section of land they can plant flowers and other plants on. But once they nurture their first flower to health, the area of green, plantable land is increased. By planting more and more greenery, players will slowly transform the planet from a desert wasteland into a blooming oasis.

The game also has a strong element of exploration. As players level up and meet other milestones, more regions of the planet are unlocked.

FrontierVille Varmint Cannons Now Available

FrontierVille developer Zynga has been teasing the release of varmint cannons for a while now, and over the weekend the feature was sent live. Like most new FrontierVille features, before players can take advantage of this new firepower, they will need to complete a line of quests and construct a new building.

The new Foundry building lies at the heart of the new varmint cannons. The Foundry costs 47,500 coins to purchase, along with a hefty helping of wood and energy to erect the frame. To complete construction, players will need to collect 5 each of: Shingles, Mallets, Pegs, Windows, and Cement. Players can not freely gift these materials to one another. Instead, a player has to specifically request these materials from a friend, who can then send one material over.

Once the Foundry is complete, players can craft cannons that allow them to blast away varmints (snakes, foxes, bears, and gophers) with one click. Firing a cannon spends one Powder Keg. Players can purchase Powder Kegs for Horseshoes, or build them for free by combining Saltpeter with Fire at the Foundry.

Players must also complete the Cannon questline before they have full access to these varmint blasters. The quests are fairly standard, and require an even mixture of getting help from neighbors, and interacting with the Homestead.

Castle Age Introduces Guilds

Facebook Fantasy RPG Castle Age has introduced a new way for players to band together and communicate with one another, while in-game: guilds!

To form a guild, a player must be level 50 or higher, and pay a cool 1 billion gold fee. Players can then select what icon they want to represent their guild, and invite their friends. Right now, guilds can hold a maximum of 100 Castle Age players, but it is likely that ways to increase that limit will be introduced in the future.

Fanglies Introduces Prize Balloons

Fanglies developer Playdom has introduced another activity for players to participate in when visiting their village. Players will now occasionally find mystery balloons flying overhead. If they click the balloon before it flies away, they will earn a special prize! Prizes include a parrot, a rainbow, a bouquet of flowers, and more.

These new balloons were in much the same way as other random village events, including pulling weeds, catching fish, and digging up sand piles. All players have to do is click when they see one. The only difference is that these balloons don’t stay put! So players will need to act fast.

FrontierVille Storage Shed Now Available

FrontierVille developer Zynga introduced a new Storage Shed building this weekend, giving players a place to put all those unneeded items they aren’t quite ready to sell.

The Storage Shed frame costs 20,000 coins to purchase from the FrontierVille Store. Players will then need to spend a total of 120 wood to finish erecting the frame. To complete construction, players will need to collect a new batch of items – not the construction materials required in every other FrontierVille building.

Players will need five each of Windows, Cement, Pegs, Mallets, and Shingles, as well as ten Elbow Grease. For now these items can’t be purchased with Horseshoes, nor can they be gifted from the FrontierVille gifts tab. Instead, the only way to get Elbow Grease is to make a Facebook wall post requesting it, and the only way to receive the other items is to request it from specific FrontierVille neighbors.

Once completed, the Storage Shed can store 20 items, with storage expansions “coming soon.” The Storage Shed has a set of collectibles and a unique new series of goals, as well.

FrontierVille Releases Mystery Animal Box

FrontierVille developer Zynga knows better than most that if there is one thing social game players love, it is a good mystery. Zynga practically invented the concept of mystery boxes and mystery gifts within FarmVille, nearly a year ago. The concept has now made its way into Zynga’s latest (and greatest?) game, FrontierVille.

Players can now purchase an Animal Mystery Crate from the FrontierVille shop for 50 Horseshoes. The box is guaranteed to contain one of three exclusive animals: An owl, a hedgehog, or a rabbit. The rabbit comes in one of three random colors – pink, brown, or white. Players that collect all three animals will receive a special bear statue (complete with crazy eyes) for no additional charge.