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FrontierVille Adds Summer Flowers

Zynga announced today that it is Flower season in FrontierVille. A variety of colorful flowers in several unique arrangements are for sale now in the FrontierVille store.

The new decorations are: Spiral Flower, Thin Cobblestone, White Flowers, Blue Flowers, Yellow Flowers, Small Flowerbed, Stone Border, Flower Pot, Round Flower Pot, Long Flower Pot, and Flower Bed.

The Spiral Flower is for sale for 14 Horseshoes and is available for about seven more days. All the other additions are for sale for coins and are permanent additions to the FrontierVille store.

Castle Age Releases The Ivory City

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age has introduced a new high-level quest area: The Ivory City. We aren’t a high enough level to access the content ourselves, but the announcement had this to say:

“After defeating Azriel, your only goal is to find Mephistopheles and end his reign of terror. You must travel to the heart of heaven to the Ivory City. Will you be strong enough to defeat the mighty Mephistopheles?”

Sounds pretty epic! High-level Castle Age players are currently questing through Heaven itself, so it is hard to imagine where the game could go from here. Then again, we said the same thing when players were questing through The Underworld. The development team undoubtedly has something up its sleeve.

FrontierVille July 4th Event Extended

FrontierVille developer Zynga introduced an innovative July 4th event last week. It tasked players with gathering up two exclusive item collections for an opportunity to complete limited time quests & gain exclusive items.

The downside? Since the event relied on players receiving collection items, which drop at random, many players complained that they didn’t have an opportunity to complete the event, through no fault of their own – just bad luck.

Thankfully Zynga has heard and addressed player complaints. The July 4th event has been extended to July 12th, giving players several more days to complete their Liberty Bell collections and Fireworks goals.

Playdom Launches Fanglies!

Playdom, the company behind Social City, Wild Ones, Bola, and a variety of other Facebook hits, has been on a tear lately. The company has been releasing new games at a very fast pace, and it seems they have no signs of slowing down. Today, the company flipped the switch on their newest title – Fanglies!

Like many of Playdom’s recent titles, the game doesn’t fall into just one of the many social game genres that have formed over the past year. It is part pet game and part town game, but players will also manage businesses, dig for treasure, fish, and plenty more.

The entire experience is managed with an energy bar that refills over time. Nearly every activity a player does costs some energy. In this way the game might be most similar to Zynga’s newly-launched FrontierVille.

When players begin Fanglies, their tiny village will consist of just one creature, and one building. As they complete activities like pulling weeds or fishing in the nearby pond, they were earn XP and level up. This unlocks more “Fanglies” for players to purchase. These creatures will then join your village. Each has their own personality. Mr. Coppercoal seems to be a rich, evil baron (complete with monocle), while Pouts comes off as an Emo girl.

Players can unlock and purchase new buildings in the same way. Early on players gain access to a Cheap ‘N Nice furniture store, and a Parks ‘N Gardens decoration store. Players can then put these stores to work, building furniture or other goodies. One nice touch is that these stores can be used to make money, OR to gain cheap decorations. For example, players might be able to construct a birdbath over 12 hours for 20 coins. They can then keep the birdbath for their village, or sell it for 450 coins.

Fanglies has launched in a fairly feature-rich state. There are item collections, joint neighbor construction projects, lots of cute ways to interact with your villagers, and plenty more. Even so, it’s easy to see the ways Playdom could expand the concept even further. Whether this one will turn into a Facebook hit remains to be seen, but so far we’re liking the game’s chances.

But don’t take our word for it – try out Fanglies for yourself!

FrontierVille Celebrates July 4th

FrontierVille developer Zynga has decided to celebrate the 4th of July in their own unique way, this year. Rather than just put some decorations up for sale and call it a day, FrontierVille’s celebration is a little more involved.

First off, there is an Independence Day sale running now on FrontierVille Horseshoes (the game’s premium currency). Players can purchase the larger horseshoe packages for 20% off over the long weekend.

Next up, there is a brand new July 4th holiday quest line. It starts with players being tasked with creating five fireworks. Fireworks can be crafted inside a player’s home, by combining one saltpeter with five fire. Saltpeter is a new item, and can only be earned by completing a new, limited-time item collection: manure! Players will need to collect Poultry Puddin’, Piggy Poop, Brush Brownie, Prairie Pile, and Meadow Muffin from chickens, pigs, goats, horses, and cows, respectively. Graphic!

It sounds a little confusing, but it boils down to this: animals now drop manure collection items. Combine them to earn saltpeter. Saltpeter + fire = Fireworks!

Finally, a variety of Limited Edition 4th of July items have been added, including Firecrackers, mulicolored Liberty Cherry trees, and a Liberty Cannon.

FrontierVille Mystery Crates Now Available

FrontierVille from Zynga has been going strong since it launched earlier this month. In fact, it is already one of the biggest games on Facebook! The first week the game experienced some growing pains, but things seem to have settled down, and the FrontierVille team is already bringing out new buildings, crops, and plenty more.

The most recent new addition is a social game staple: mystery crates! The FrontierVille Mystery crate works a little differently than FarmVille’s – Rather than featuring exclusive decorations or animals, it instead contains six random collection items. So, with luck a player could purchase one to help complete that hard-to-finish collection. It is for sale for 25 horseshoes.

New Castle Age Hero: Adriana

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age released a new hero this week – Adriana: The Ageless Vampire. Adriana is only available to players level 130 and higher. Her stats:

Adriana comes from a lineage of pureblood vampires. The affairs of mankind often do pique her interest but the increasing amount of wars has drawn her and her clan of vampires into conflict.

16 Attack
18 Defense
Abilities: Minus Defense to opponent War Council

14 Attack
16 Defense
+2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Death Ward
12 Attack
14 Defense
+2 Attack to Adriana (not stackable)

Skullstone Relic
10 Attack
11 Defense
+2% crit when Adriana is equipped (not stackable)

Five FrontierVille Tips & Tricks

By now everyone has had a chance to give FrontierVille, Zynga’s newest & most ambitious game, a shot. Whether a player wants to build a town, farm some crops, or just quietly raise a family, FrontierVille seems to offer something for everyone.

One side effect of the game’s increased scope and ambition is that there are a greater number of tricks, cheats, and shortcuts to be uncovered than in a game like, say, FarmVille. That’s where we come in! Below we have compiled a helpful collection of five FrontierVille tricks & facts that you might not have noticed.

1) Crop plots can be moved
This one is fairly self-explanatory. Once a player has planted a crop, it isn’t stuck there! Using the move tool, players can move crops anywhere they like. Helpful if (like us) you prefer your crops to be in perfect rows, but accidentally mislay one.

2) Don’t delete withered crops
Accidentally plant some crops at a poor time and lose a ton of money due to withering? Never fear! Every neighbor that visits your ranch can revive up to five dead crops for you. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit, either. Even if it takes a week, a player can leave all their dead crops in the middle of their ranch, and just wait patiently for a friendly neighbor to provide a second chance at harvesting them. Eventually, your neighbors will revive them all.

3) Bears & snakes aren’t really that threatening
Chopping down a tree and having a bear pop out is certainly startling. The natural reaction is to deal with the animal as quickly as possible. But, as weird as it sounds, having a bear standing around isn’t necessarily such a big deal. The bear only affects a small area of your ranch. So if you have to choose between scaring away a bear on one side of your ranch, or harvesting valuable crops on the other, the bear can safely be ignored.

4) It’s still all about farming
After players complete the initial stages of the game, and clear out their living space, they will quickly run out of activities to spend their energy on. At that point, is it best to get lots of fruit trees, or animals, or farm plots? The answer is farming. And it isn’t even close.

Players will earn FAR more coins and XP per each energy spent farming than with any other activity. Players just need to pay attention to how much they plant, so there aren’t 40 crops all ready to harvest at once, but only 25 energy left to harvest them

5) Long term farming is better than short term
There is a strong desire in most FrontierVille players to plant 4, 8, or 12 hour crops because, who in the world wants to wait four days to harvest peanuts, right?

Not quite. The truth is, the longer it takes a crop to grow, the more XP and coins the player earns when they harvest it. But the catch is, each harvest still takes one energy! So the best FrontierVille farming method is to plant long-term crops, but to stagger them, so there is something to harvest every day. Let’s take a look at an example:

If a player plants 10 1-day Wheat crops every day, they will be earning 100 XP and 2,220 coins per day, when they harvest. But if they planted 10 4-day Peanut crops per day instead, they would be earning 130 XP and a whopping 7,250 coins per day! It’s true that for the first few days the player will earn nothing, as their first set of Peanuts mature, but it only takes a few days for a player to be harvesting and planting their staggered peanut crops every day, just like they would have been doing with Wheat.

The bottom line is, if a player will be spending their energy to harvest once, twice, or three times a day, better for that harvest to be very-profitable Peanuts or Cotton. With staggered planting times, the lengthy growth period becomes a non-issue – after just a few days there will be as much farming activity as there would be planting much faster crops.

That’s all the FrontierVille secrets we have to share for now! If there’s any helpful hints or tips we didn’t cover, leave a comment and let us know!

Castle Age Adds New Hero: Kataan

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age added another high-level hero today: The fearless hunter, Kataan! Kataan is only available to players level 120 and higher. His vitals:

The fearless hunter, Kataan
Abilities: Extra Attack and Defense on level up
Although the pair of Disembowler blades that Kataan wields are quite impressive, they pale in comparison to his mighty strength and his unrivaled skill in hand-to-hand combat.

And the stats for Kataan’s equipment:

The Disembowler
17 Attack
12 Defense
+2 attack to Kataan (not stackable)
The Disembowler is a savage looking weapon that is meant to fatally wound any enemy unlucky enough to cross its path.

Tribal Crest
11 Attack
9 Defense
+1% crit when Kataan is equipped(not stackable)
The Tribal Crest a gift given to a young hunter when one passes their rite of passage. It is said to possess mystical energies that empowers it users with heightened speed and strength.

Hunters Raiments
14 Attack
11 Defense
+2 defense to Kataan (not stackable)
A Hunters raiments is designed for maximum efficiency and protection. The armor is light enough to allow its wearer full mobility in battle while protecting against light and medium attacks.

Zynga Launches FrontierVille!

A brand new game from FarmVille developer Zynga was launched today: FrontierVille! The game has been in the works for a long time. We first heard whispers about it way back in January, and then a few months later in April many more details were revealed. But now, the game is finally live, so no more rumors! Players can check the game out for themselves right here. Be warned: there might be a few growing pains for the young game. We had a heck of a time just getting it to load, the first time we logged in.

In FrontierVille, players begin with next to nothing – just a wagon, a few crops, and a plot of land overrun with trees and grass and rocks. The goal is to slowly and steadily clear and cultivate the land, build a cabin, and eventually, raise a family. The experience might sound similar to FarmVille, but the two are quite different – FrontierVille uses an Energy system and is much more of a traditional RPG.

Players have a set amount of energy that refills over time. Every action a player takes, whether it is chopping down a tree, harvesting a crop, constructing a building, or feeding an animal, spends some of this energy. So players have to prioritize and decide what is most important to them. Do they want to spend their full energy bar on constructing that cabin, or feeding those hungry animals?

Everything a player does earns rewards. Either XP, coins, food, or wood. XP increases a player’s level, coins are used to buy items from the marketplace, food can be eaten to give a player an energy boost, and wood is used to construct buildings. One nice touch is that these rewards, even the XP, actually appear on the game screen itself when a task is completed, and players must click on them to collect them. If a bunch of rewards are clicked very quickly, a special bonus is earned. Think of it like a rudimentary combo meter.

To keep players on the right track a robust quest system is in place. Quests begin very easy, tasking players with feeding a few animals, or constructing a cabin. But over time we’re sure the quest goals will become more long term, designed to remind players what they are working towards.

FrontierVille is very simple and easy to understand, but it seems to have a bigger scope than Zynga’s previous titles. Players start with quite literally nothing, but will eventually grow their little plot of land into a bustling frontier town! Right now a General Store, a School House, and an Inn are all listed on in the FrontierVille marketplace.

We’ll have much more on FrontierVille in the days to come. For now, check out our FrontierVille picture gallery below.