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New Castle Age Hero: Barbarus

Facebook fantasy RPG Castle Age released a new premium hero this week: the war-faring chieftain, Barbarus. He is for sale for 30 Favor Points, and has the following stats / abilities:

The chief of a war-seeking tribe of warriors, Barbarus leads by example. His skill in combat is undeniable and many claim he has the strength of three men.

18 Attack
15 Defense
Abilities: Increase Power Attacks up to 3x

Castle Age Releases Alpha Bahamut Boss

Facebook Fantasy RPG Castle Age has unleashed a new boss on players everywhere: Volanic King Alpha Bahamut. This dragon is the new king of Castle Age – the biggest and baddest boss around.

Alpha Bahamut can only be summoned by players 150+, and is summoned from the alchemy page. Like most other high-level bosses, players must obtain the necessary alchemy ingredients as gifts from friends.

Some members of the Castle Age community are a little disappointed that this new boss is basically an old boss with a new color scheme and higher stats. But others pointed out that this new “Alpha” boss breaths new life into old boss designs, and speculated that more “Alpha” bosses could be on the way. Only the Castle Age team knows for sure.

Castle Age Adds New Hero: Kaiser

Castle Age’s new monthly hero has been released: Kaiser, the head of the Guild of Assassins. He is only available to players level 130 and higher, and has the following stats:

Level 1: 17 Attack, 16 Defense, +.5% critical chance
Level 2: 18 Attack, 17 Defense, +1% critical chance
Level 3: 19 Attack, 18 Defense, +2% critical chance
Level 4: 20 Attack, 19 Defense, +3% critical chance
Abilities: Increase Critical Chance

“Kaiser is one of the heads of a powerful guild of assassins. Cold-hearted and distant, Kaiser puts the completion of his missions above all else.”

Players can also purchase three pieces of equipment:

Special Unit 1 (weapon): Death Dealer
18 Attack, 10 Defense
+2 Attack to Kaiser (not stackable)
“The Death Dealer that Kaiser wields is an unorthodox and rare weapon. Though awkward in the hands of a novice, the Death Dealer is efficient and deadly in the hands of Kaiser.”

Special Unit 2 (weapon): Ornate Dagger
16 Attack, 12 Defense
+2 Attack to Kaiser (not stackable)
“Kaisers weapon of choice when dispatching his targets is his Ornate Dagger. Although plain in comparison to most assassin weapons, Kaiser has never failed to slay his targets with this weapon.”

Special Unit 3 (spell): Backdraft
12 Attack, 7 Defense
+1% Critical when Kaiser is equipped (not stackable)
“Though Kaiser does not often require magic to slay his targets, when the situation calls for it, he is able to heat the atmosphere to immense temperatures and unleash it in an enormous Backdraft.”

Castle Age Releases New Strider Gift

Facebook RPG Castle Age added a new limited-time gifting option, late last night. Players can now gift one another a piece of the “Limited Strider Set.” For those not in the know, Strider is one of the game’s hero characters – players use heroes to complete missions, and can slowly improve their statistics and equipment.

This new Strider gift gives a player an ingredient necessary to perform new weapon alchemy. The end result is a new weapon for Strider: Assassin’s Blade. It provides +3 attack to Strider, 7 attack / 4 defense for the player.

Castle Age Adds New Hero: Minerva

Facebook RPG Castle Age added another new hero, late yesterday: Minerva! Unless you’re a very high-level player don’t get too excited, however. Minerva is only available to players level 100 or higher.

Minerva features 17 attack and 15 defense, and her special ability raises players’ max Stamina by +3 (at level one). Her Righteousness Sword gives her +2 attack, her Illvasan Crest Shield +2 stamina to player, and her Titan Helm +2 Defense.

“Forgoing her royal birthright, she is a cunning commander of strength, skill and strategy. Appearing cold and independent, only few are lucky enough to witness her warm side.”

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Castle Age Unleashes Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental

Hardcore Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age unleashed a new raid boss, earlier this week: Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental. Ragnarok follows the release of Genesis, the Earth Elemental. Could fire or air elemental boss fights be in the works?

For now Ragnarok seems to be more than enough challenge for players. The boss features a new “Glacial Armor” mechanic. Every time Ragnarok takes damage, he restores some of his armor points. The more armor he has, the less damage player attacks deal. So player raids will need to strike a balance between dispelling his armor with Energy, and dealing offensive damage with Stamina.

Like previous raid bosses, players have seven days to defeat Ragnarok once he has been summoned, and when more players join the battle, devastatingly powerful one-off attacks are rewarded.

Castle Age Adds New Achievements

Facebook RPG Castle Age added three new achievements earlier today. Unless you’re a high level player, it will probably be a while before you earn any of them, however. All three involve high-level raid bosses.

Grand The Battle of the Dark Legion requires players defeat the dark legion onslaught 25 times. Grand Genesis, The Earth Elemental Slayer requires players kill Genesis 25 times. Grand Skaar Deathrune Slayer requires players (you guessed it) kill Skaar 25 times.

The developers did something smart with these achievements. It isn’t enough to get in on the battle and then coast, letting other players do all the work. In order to earn the achievement, players must do a high amount of damage themselves for the kill to the eligible. No slacking!

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Castle Age Releases New Hero: Fenris

Facebook fantasy RPG Castle Age released a new hero in an update late last night: Fenris the Werewolf.

I wasn’t actually able to find the legendary werewolf in the Heroes shop, but it’s very possible I just haven’t progressed far enough in order to gain access (new heroes become available for purchase as players gain access to new lands). If any readers out there have Fenris’ stats, leave a comment!

For those that didn’t catch the reference in the name, Fenris, or Fenrir, is a direct reference to the norse myth, and is over 800 years old. The curious out there can read more on its Wikipedia page.

Ninja Saga Introduces Clan System

Facebook’s top ninja RPG Ninja Saga finally introduced the long-await Clan System in an update earlier this morning. Forming a clan isn’t free – it costs 400 Tokens, or $4, but belonging to one can confer significant benefits. Plus, it is just plain more fun to work towards common goals with your friends than it is to play alone.

Clans gain and lose Reputation Points via clan battles. At the end of the month, the top three ranking clans can earn significant rewards. Clan Masters will receive 1000 – 3000 Saga Tokens, while clan members can earn clothing with a customized logo. The top clan also earns a Taijutsu technique.

Initally clans only hold 20 members, but a clan master can spend more Saga Tokens to up that limit. Once you’re in a clan, you can donate money to the clan fund. This money can be spent by the clan master to construct a variety of beneficial clan buildings. These aren’t just for show – each building provides a benefit that will improve a clan’s ability to effectively battle:

- Ramen: Increase Stamina restoration per Tick (Max level: 3)
- Hot Spring: Increase all Clan members’ max. HP in Clan battles (Max level: 3)
- Temple: Increase all Clan members’ max. CP in Clan battles (Max level: 3)
- Training Hall: Increase all Clan members’ attack damage in Clan battles (Max level: 3)

The clan battle, stamina, reputation, and other additions to the game are quite extensive. To fully understand these significant upgrades, Ninja Saga players should most likely read the FAQ. Despite just going live earlier today, the clan system seems to be a huge hit. Social Game Central already counts over 800 active clans! Not bad, considering they aren’t free to set up.

Castle Age Adds New High-Level Hero

Facebook RPG Castle Age added a new hero earlier today, accessible only to players level 90 and higher: Lailah, the Seraphim Angel. Unfortunately, no details on her stats, as you can’t browse through heroes until you’re a high enough level to purchase them yourself.

For those not in the know, Heroes in Castle Age are essentially the unit that the players play as, in game. They have different stats and bonuses, and can be swapped out on the fly. So you might equip and use one hero for combat, but then switch to a different hero when completing quests.