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Ninja Saga Adds Valentine Missions

Facebook’s premier Ninja RPG Ninja Saga rolled out a new Valentine-themed special event mission earlier today, with corresponding special-edition loot.

The good news? Completing the mission is fairly easy. Just enter the Kage room (the same place all missions are received) and select Special Event Mission (only available to players level 4 and higher). When completed, players will have a chance to earn special loot. The bad news? Whether you win a prize or not is completely random, and the mission can only be completed once a day.

Good luck to all the Ninja Saga players out there vying for these new items!

Castle Age Adds High-Level Land

Fantasy Facebook RPG Castle Age added two new land options for high-level players, earlier today. At level 50 players can now purchase an Elven Sanctum. At level 80, Dwarven Mines can be purchased.

Like most Facebook RPGs, land in Castle Age requires a hefty initial investment, but over time pays for itself. In Castle Age specifically, Lands earn income every 60 minutes, and are the backbone of any money-making account. I’m not a high enough level to view the exact purchase/payout stats for these new lands, but the Castle Age fan page does have some details:

Elven Sanctum – Purchase the property and when you collect your income, you will have a chance to receive a stamina potion once per day. Come back each consecutive day to collect to increase your chance of collecting a stamina potion.

Dwarven Mine – Purchase the property and each time you come to collect your income, you will have a chance to receive a mystery prize.

These are the first Castle Age lands to provide a benefit beyond just the income they generate, which should make them highly desired by players.

School of Wizardry Adds Valentine Items

Facebook RPG School of Wizardry bears more than a passing resemblance to Harry Potter, to the point that lawyers actually got involved, a few months ago. Developer Peter Mooney has already changed lesson names, item names, and character portraits to less closely resemble the hit wizarding franchise, and the “inspiration” is still very obvious.

The good news? It appears that the game is doing more to branch out and differentiate itself, beginning with this week’s special Valentine’s Day items. To the best of my knowledge this is the first holiday-themed additions added to the game, and one of the first content additions period to be added in some time (besides the major revision).

Added this week was the purchasable Love Potion, which grants 1 attack and 55 defense, and is for sale for 500 hall passes. Also added was a new gift, the Circle of Love Charm, which awards 1 attack and 30 defense, and will give players a special bonus if 20 are collected.

Ninja Saga Adds New Hairstyles

Facebook Ninja RPG Ninja Saga released a small update late yesterday, adding four new hairstyle options. Not the biggest release, but a potentially important one for female ninjas. The development team finally added the addition of a ponytail. How could it have not been one of the choices before?!? Everyone knows the ponytail is the hair decision of choice for the female ninja. You can’t exactly assassinate people and then leap away to safety with your air all up in your face, can you?

The other three options are a punk-style hanging mohawk, a headband, and long & curly with a headband. Pics:

Up & Coming: Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga is unique among Facebook games in that it is… an actual game. The Ninja-Themed RPG requires gamers to buy new spells, weapons, & armor, features a turn-based battle system, and allows players to play as much as they want in a sitting. No need to come back in four hours to finish leveling up, or wait for your energy to recharge before taking on another mission.

It plays more or less like a 90s-era RPG, just with more social features, including realtime online PVP. It’s no wonder the game has been slowly-but-steadily building an audience since it launched in late 2009. One month ago, the game has 277,000 daily players, and today it has grown to 413,000.

Ninja Saga is unlikely to find the extreme mass-market success that games like Mafia Wars or Cafe World enjoy, simply because it is considerably less casual. But for gamers looking for a Facebook RPG with more depth, Ninja Saga should be right up their alley.

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