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First Look: Pocket God

Pocket God from Bolt Creative has been a bonafide iPhone phenomenon for some time now. The little $0.99 app has sold over 2 million copies on Apple’s iOS platform, and seems poised to tackle Facebook next.

The basic premise of Pocket God on Facebook is the same as the classic mobile version. Players play the role of an omnipotent being (a God), and can control the fate of a set of pygmy islanders through a variety of powers.

Technically players can use their powers for good, such as giving the pygmies a fishing rod or a cool drink, but really, the bulk of the gameplay revolves around, erm… dispatching the pygmies as humorously as possible. Flinging them into the horizon, volcanos, hurricanes, flipping gravity upside down, sharks, lightning strikes, and plenty more creative pygmy death options are already present in the Facebook version.

It might sound gruesome, but Pocket God maintains a light, cartoony tone, and players can spawn more pygmies with a simple click of the button.

While the mobile version is more of a sandbox, allowing players to quickly and easily commence with pygmy death as they see fit, the Facebook release features more of a traditional social game experience. As players kill (“sacrifice”) pygmies, they level-up, unlocking more and more God powers to play around with. Powers also have to be purchased via a special currency, earned upon each successful pygmy sacrifice.

Pocket God for Facebook is funny and quite cute, but it is also quite a departure from what players expect out of a social game, even with the heavy changes that have been made. The game is still in beta, so we’re keeping a close eye on its progress, to see if it can become as big a hit on social platforms as it is on mobile ones.