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Social City Releases Chinatown Gift Set

In our opinion, no big city is complete without a bustling Chinatown district. Social City developer Playdom seems to agree. The company has released a special collection of one-day-only Chinatown gifts on the Social City free gifts tab.

The event started on Sunday, meaning we’re already on day three of the five day promotion. Today’s free gift is Chinatown Apartment 3. Players that manage to collect all five of the free Chinatown gifts win the limited edition Dragon Dance Park. If a player has missed one of the free gifts, they can play Social City’s Gift Raffle for a second chance at collecting it.

A matching Chinatown Market premium building is also for sale for City Bucks in the Social City in-game newspaper.

Social City Adds Heart Tower & Modern Flats

Social City developer Playdom released two new buildings today: Heart Tower and Modern Flats. Both buildings are available for coins, and are permanent additions to the Social City store.

Heart Tower costs 350,000 coins to construct, and generates +14,000 leisure points. Modern Flats costs 180,000 coins to construct, and generates +2,000 population every 40 hours.

Social City Water Tower Saga Continues

As most SGC readers probably know, Social City businesses and residences are almost all animated in one way or another. One little detail that many players might have overlooked when the game launched was a tiny animated couple on top of the Social City Water Tower.

At first they were doing something we’re almost positive was very naughty. The animation was then changed to the two having a much more wholesome picnic. Later on the image was then changed again, to show one of them dangling from the Water Tower’s edge, about to fall off the side!

The Water Tower saga continued today, with a helicopter entering the scene, attempting to “rescue” the woman in distress. The rescue doesn’t seem to be going too well, though. She is swinging quite precariously!

Social City Adds Water Park Raffle Items

Social City developer Playdom has updated the in-game item raffle, with a new water park mega building up for grabs. To obtain the new water park, players first need to collect all eight parts.

Each time a player spins the wheel in the in-game newspaper, they will receive one of the eight Water Park pieces, chosen at random. Each spin costs 8 City Bucks, meaning players will be spending a minimum of 64 CB$ (about $12) to get this attraction, and potentially much more, if they have unlucky raffle wheel spins.

Personally, we aren’t big fans of this raffle format. We think a good rule of thumb is to only allow games of chance in social game elements involving in-game currency. Once real cash is involved, it makes us uneasy that some players will spend much more money obtaining an item than others.

Social City Releases West District

Social City developer Playdom released a fifth district for players to develop, today. The West District is now available for purchase.

Every Social City district is unlocked in a different way. Log in for enough consecutive days, get the help of enough friends, etc. This new West District probably has the most straightforward unlocking mechanism yet: players simply have to pay 200,000 coins to gain access.

When the district is initially unlocked it is a standard 9×9 beginner grid, which players can then expand at their own pace.

Social City Adds Special Tudor Village Gift Set

Social City developer Playdom announced a special gift event, today. Each day for the next five days, a new Tudor Village gift will be released on the Social City gifts tab. Players that manage to collect all five will be given the limited edition Tudor Festival Square (complete with clock tower) for free!

Today’s free gift is the Tudor Mayor’s Estate. Wednesday through Saturday will each have their own one-day-only Tudor item.

If players miss one of the free gifts, Playdom has given Social City fans another shot at completing the set, with a special Gift Raffle. The raffle costs eight City Bucks, and gives players one of the five Tudor gifts at random.

Social City Running Half-Off Sale

Sales and special deals are becoming increasingly common in social games, but few discounts are as deep or extensive as the Social City sale event Playdom is running this weekend. All regular store items are half-off!

The sale applies to all buildings and decorations in all categories, besides those in the Featured category. Players wanting to pick up some premium items on the cheap should obviously take advantage of this deal, but coin items are half-price too, allowing those players electing to play for free to get in on the savings, as well.

A specific sale expiration time has not been given, but we assume these deals will last until at least Sunday night at Midnight PST.

Social City Adds Bus Depot & More

Another trio of new buildings were added to Playdom’s Social City today. The three new additions are: Bus Depot, TV Station, and in a bid designed to bring down everyone’s property values, Subsidized Housing 2.

Subsidized Housing 2 is for sale for 50,000 coins, and provides 600 population every 12 hours. The Bus Depot is for sale for 15 City Bucks, and generates 10,000 leisure. Plus, once purchases, city buses will begin cruising a player’s city streets. Lastly, the TV station is for sale for 90,000 coins and generates 5,500 leisure.

Social City Adds Solar Home Gifts

Social City developer Playdom refreshed the game’s free gifts tab today, adding a new line of solar homes. Eco-friendly town builders can now gift Solar Home 3, Solar Home 4, and Solar Home 5 to one another. The Brown Teddy Bear also returned to the gifts tab today, thanks to fan demand.

The first Solar Home buildings were actually added back in May. This new trio don’t quite match it however, despite sharing the same name. They have a different color scheme and a different style of solar panel.

Social City Adds Trailer Park Gifts & More

Social City developer Playdom apparently decided players have been making their cities a little too classy. To bring things down a few notches, a collection of Trailer Park gifts have been added to the game’s gifts tab.

Like all Social City items, the gift set has a nice attention to detail. We especially like the trailer park tile that features and overgrown tree with a rundown RV parked underneath in the yard.

Playdom also released a Business Park leisure building, for those not interesting in building out a trailer park district.