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Tiki Resort Introduces Two New Wonders

Tiki Resort developer Playdom has introduced two new wonders: Deep Sea Wonder, and Salsa Wonder. Like all Tiki Resort Wonders, both are very large and elaborate, but have large price tags to match.

The Salsa Wonder costs 1.5 million coins, or 250 FB Credits. It dresses all resort tourists in salsa dancing outfits. The Deep Sea Wonder costs 1.35 million coins, or 79 FB Credits. It dresses all characters in adventure outfits.

Tiki Resort Adds Wonder Points & Tourist Outfits

Tiki Resort developer Playdom tweaked the game’s Wonders system today, giving them more purpose, and making them a little easier to obtain.

Players can now click on a Wonder to produce its “Wonder Effect” which dresses all the tourists on that island in an elaborate themed costume. The Wonder Effect also provides players with Wonder Points, which can be saved up to purchase more Wonders.

There are currently five Wonders in the game: Salsa Wonder, Deep Sea Wonder, Pineapple Wonder, Drink Wonder, and Lei Wonder. All five can be purchased with FB$, or via a more complex (but free!) method.

Tiki Resort Adds Third Island

Tiki Resort developer Playdom finally gave resort owners more land to work with this week, with the release of Island 3. Earlier in the week the company teased the expansion, stating that Island 3 would be rolled out if their post received at least 5000 likes. Over 22,000 people pressed the “Like” button – an overwhelming response.

We don’t have many details on this third island because Playdom is rolling it out to players in stages – some are getting earlier access than others. We’re in the unfortunate group that doesn’t not yet have the new space. Playdom has stated that within about a week, all players should have access.

Do you have access to the 3rd island? If so, what do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Tiki Resort Adds Movie Items

Tiki Resort developer Playdom added a couple of movie themed items, this week. The additions are in keeping with the game’s tourist theme since, as Playdom notes, “There’s nothing tourists like more than being extras in the next big blockbuster movie.”

The new Movie Sound Stage attraction is only for sale for FB$, and like most premium Tiki Resort attractions, there are a limited number of them available. When we first noticed the attraction yesterday, there were 15,000 left.

A new Movie Water Tower decoration is also available. It is for sale for shells, but it costs a whopping 900,000 of them! Hopefully all you resort owners out there have been saving up!

Tiki Resort Improves Neighbor Bar

Although there are a few exceptions, most updates here at SGC fall into two major categories: new objects/decorations, and improvements to a game’s interface or design. The posts written about new item expansions are always more fun to write (and to read we’re assuming), but it is the other changes, the “boring” tweaks developers make to their games, that end up having the bigger impact over the long term. These tweaks make games easier to understand and more fun to play.

The new Tiki Resort neighbor bar is a great example. Playdom tweaked the neighbor bar today, so that it now shows players the status of their neighbor’s treasure chests. A green check-mark means the chest has been collected. A red exclamation point means the chest is up for grabs. Pretty slick, right? No more visiting each neighbor to figure out if there is a treasure chest you can collect from, or not.

Tiki Resort Adds Memorial Day Charm

It is becoming a bit of a tradition for Tiki Resort developer Playdom to release special charms themed around major holidays and events. The most recent example is the new Patriotic Memorial Day charm, available now on the Tiki Resort gifts tab.

Players can send this red, white & blue gift to one another free of charge, like all gifts. Once received, it can be dropped into your island’s volcano to create a fireworks show for your tourists. Pretty neat, right?

No word on an official expiration date, but we don’t expect this charm to stick around much longer than the holiday itself, which is this coming Monday, May 31.

Tiki Resort Releases Premium & Standard Attractions

Tiki Resort developer Playdom has kept the updates rolling this week, with a steady stream of new attractions and other new additions.

First up, it is Tiki Resort Fan Appreciation Week this week, meaning lots of free items are up for grabs. Players can collect a free Happiness Charm by clicking here, and free pineapples by clicking here. More freebies are available on the Tiki Resort fan page.

Five brand-new attractions have been added to Island 2 (Baja Island) as well. Best of all? All five are available for shells! Baja Island tourists can now enjoy a Fancy Hotel, Spanish Mission, Seafood Restaurant, Karaoke, and Windsurfing attractions.

Finally, two new limited edition premium decorations have also been released. The Cotton Candy Stand is for sale for 98 FB$ ($9.80), and the Wild Pony Ride is for sale for 49 FB$ ($4.90). Although both are technically “limited,” there are over 32,000 Cotton Candy Stands and 23,000 Pony Rides still available, so there isn’t a huge amount of urgency to purchase either right this moment.

Tiki Resort Adds Limited Edition Fortune Teller

A new Limited Edition Tiki Resort attraction was released yesterday, replacing the Bouncy House that was added last week. The new Fortuneteller attraction is for sale for 29 FB$ ($2.90), with just over 2000 copies left.

One interesting side effect of so many social games switching from limited time items to limited quantity items is that bloggers like us can actually gain a little insight into how much money social game developers are making. For example, when we wrote about last week’s Bouncy House, there were 520 left. The attraction eventually sold out at a price of $2.90. This works out to about $1,500 in sales. Of course, Facebook takes a hefty percentage of this, and we don’t know how many copies of the Bouncy House were initially available. But we still find the data interesting!

Tiki Resort Allows Second Island Snow Melt

Tiki Resort developer Playdom is finally allowing players to melt all the snow found on Baja Island, the second island players gain access to. The change does more than just give the island a change in scenary – it also gives players much more decorating space!

The expansion comes at a price, however. To trigger the snow melt, players have to purchase a special Sun Charm, for sale for 500,000 coins. As with all charms, it must then be dropped in the island volcano. As an added bonus, purchasing the Sun Charm also gives players an exclusive Sun Goddess decoration.

You can see a video of this charm in action on Tiki Resort’s official fan page.

Tiki Resort Adds Tiki de Mayo Charm

Tiki Resort developer Playdom decided to celebate Cinco de Mayo the best way they know how: a new exclusive Charm! Players can now purchase the Tiki de Mayo charm for 9 FB$ ($0.90), or gift one for free from the game’s gift tab.

The charm makes all island tourists “super excited,” most likely because it puts an icy drink in their hand. Players can then click these drinks to earn double shells. It’s a win / win!

The Tiki de Mayo charm doesn’t have a posted expiration date, but given its very specific theme, it likely won’t be around for too long. We suggest players send a few to their Tiki Resort neighbors while they are still able.