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City of Wonder Adds Two Technologies

City of Wonder developer Playdom continued fleshing out the game’s mid-level tech tree this week, adding two more technologies for players to research: Hydraulics, and Fine Art.

Hydraulics requires level 14. It takes 26 hours to research, and unlocks a variety of water-themed buildings, including aqueducts, and water fountains. On the tech tree, it follows Irrigation, and provides another pathway to Steam Power.

Fine Art requires level 19. It can be researched in 30 hours, and unlocks the Louvre wonder. It follows Art on the tech tree.

City of Wonder Adds New Research

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a few new technologies for players to research, as well as some complimentary new structures. Civilizations that are advanced enough can now research Police, and Explosives.

The Police research is unlocked at level 16. It takes 24 hours to complete, and earns 350 XP upon completion. It unlocks (what else?) the Police Station structure.

The Explosives research is unlocked at level 25. It takes 44 hours to complete, and earns 510 XP upon completion. It unlocks the Munitions Depot structure.

Social City Releases Chinatown Gift Set

In our opinion, no big city is complete without a bustling Chinatown district. Social City developer Playdom seems to agree. The company has released a special collection of one-day-only Chinatown gifts on the Social City free gifts tab.

The event started on Sunday, meaning we’re already on day three of the five day promotion. Today’s free gift is Chinatown Apartment 3. Players that manage to collect all five of the free Chinatown gifts win the limited edition Dragon Dance Park. If a player has missed one of the free gifts, they can play Social City’s Gift Raffle for a second chance at collecting it.

A matching Chinatown Market premium building is also for sale for City Bucks in the Social City in-game newspaper.

City of Wonder Adds Labor Day Buildings

City of Wonder developer Playdom has added a handful of buildings and decorations, to celebrate the impending Labor Day holiday. Players can now purchase: Mess Hall, Lake, Fishing Hole, and Picnic.

The new Mess Hall costs 20 Gold Bars, and provides +40 Attack, and +80 Defense. The Lake costs 13 Gold Bars, and provides +1300 Happiness, and +130 Culture. The Picnic Provides +830 Happiness, and + 83 Culture. Finally, the Fishing Hole costs 6,900 coins and provides 316 Happiness and 32 Culture.

City of Wonder Adds Angkor Wat Wonder

Playdom’s smash-hit historical town building title City of Wonder has received its first significant content update. Players can now construct a new wonder: Hindu temple Angkor Wat!

Like other Wonders, players have two ways to obtain Angkor Wat. It can be purchased with 25 Gold Bars, or it can be constructed with the help of 15 friends. When constructed, it provides 300 Culture and 1500 Happiness, with an added Wonder bonus of +3% to total Happiness and Culture. The only research requirement is Mysticism.

A matching new Angkor Wat home has been added to City of Wonder’s free gifts tab.

Millionaire City Announces Mission Design Competition

Millionaire City developer Digital Chocolate is giving players the opportunity to put on their game designer hat, with a new mission design competition. The contest is taking place on the official Millionaire City forums.

The contest itself is pretty simple. Digitical Chocolate is looking to add one or more new missions to the game, and has asked fans to suggest what it should be. The winning suggestion(s) will receive 25 Gold Bars, the game’s premium currency.

The competition is already quite fierce, with over 200 people suggesting new mission ideas.

Right now there is no scheduled end date to submit a mission idea, but with so many already submitted, players shouldn’t wait to participate.

Playdom Launches City of Wonder

Playdom flipped the switch on a brand new town building game this week: City of Wonder! The new game differentiates itself from Social City and other town building titles with its historical theme. Players begin the game with a very small stone-age village, but by researching new technologies, it is possible to advance through the ages, and eventually build modern structures.

At its core, the game isn’t radically different than Social City. Players will build and place housing structures, which slowly add to a player’s total population over time. A player’s total population is capped according to how many cultural buildings they have placed. Finally, players can place businesses in their village to earn extra money. So in this way, City of Wonder ensures players have an even mixture of every building type as their village grows and evolves.

City of Wonder’s other key pillar seems to be researching new technologies. Each technology learned unlocks access to new buildings and decorations, as well as even more advanced technology options. Learning Mysticism allowed us to construct Stonehenge, for example.

We’ll have more on City of Wonder, including an examination of the game’s military and expedition system, in a future post.

Social City Adds Heart Tower & Modern Flats

Social City developer Playdom released two new buildings today: Heart Tower and Modern Flats. Both buildings are available for coins, and are permanent additions to the Social City store.

Heart Tower costs 350,000 coins to construct, and generates +14,000 leisure points. Modern Flats costs 180,000 coins to construct, and generates +2,000 population every 40 hours.

Social City Water Tower Saga Continues

As most SGC readers probably know, Social City businesses and residences are almost all animated in one way or another. One little detail that many players might have overlooked when the game launched was a tiny animated couple on top of the Social City Water Tower.

At first they were doing something we’re almost positive was very naughty. The animation was then changed to the two having a much more wholesome picnic. Later on the image was then changed again, to show one of them dangling from the Water Tower’s edge, about to fall off the side!

The Water Tower saga continued today, with a helicopter entering the scene, attempting to “rescue” the woman in distress. The rescue doesn’t seem to be going too well, though. She is swinging quite precariously!

Social City Adds Water Park Raffle Items

Social City developer Playdom has updated the in-game item raffle, with a new water park mega building up for grabs. To obtain the new water park, players first need to collect all eight parts.

Each time a player spins the wheel in the in-game newspaper, they will receive one of the eight Water Park pieces, chosen at random. Each spin costs 8 City Bucks, meaning players will be spending a minimum of 64 CB$ (about $12) to get this attraction, and potentially much more, if they have unlucky raffle wheel spins.

Personally, we aren’t big fans of this raffle format. We think a good rule of thumb is to only allow games of chance in social game elements involving in-game currency. Once real cash is involved, it makes us uneasy that some players will spend much more money obtaining an item than others.