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My Town July 26 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb added a couple of new items on Monday, right on schedule. Players can now purchase a Townhouse, and a Nuclear Power Plant. Does anyone else automatically think of Homer Simpson whenever they read those three words, or is it just us?

Broken Bulb also had some bad news, however. The company has announced that it is going to begin retiring certain My Town decorations. Players only have today and tomorrow to purchase the Space Needle, United Nations Building, Stonehenge, and Kong Tower. After Wednesday, they will be removed from the store.

Although virtually every social game developer does it, we’ve never been big fans of limited time or limited quantity offers here at SGC. In the real world, retailers have real reasons to put objects on sale, or only sell things for a few weeks. They have a finite amount of shelf space – every object needs to be physically displayed, physically stored in a wearhouse, etc. But social games have unlimited shelf space. All item scarcity is artificial – it is only there to make the virtual good seem more attractive and desirable.

Broken Bulb was one of the last to not follow this practice, prior to now.

Social City Running Half-Off Sale

Sales and special deals are becoming increasingly common in social games, but few discounts are as deep or extensive as the Social City sale event Playdom is running this weekend. All regular store items are half-off!

The sale applies to all buildings and decorations in all categories, besides those in the Featured category. Players wanting to pick up some premium items on the cheap should obviously take advantage of this deal, but coin items are half-price too, allowing those players electing to play for free to get in on the savings, as well.

A specific sale expiration time has not been given, but we assume these deals will last until at least Sunday night at Midnight PST.

Treetopia Chapter 3 Released

Playdom’s unique town building / card battling game Treetopia has been updated this week, continuing the game’s central storyline. Like FrontierVille and some other newer Facebook games, Treetopia is quest-based, with more quests added on a regular basis.

Chapter 3 gives players the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Treetopia village. Quest chains include The Phantom Festival, The Magic Gem, Cleansing the Gem, and Taking the Tower. To complete quests, players will need to purchase more combat cards, to fight those they encounter along the way.

My Town Adds Super Eco Tower

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios only released a single building with their regular Monday update this week, but it is a doozy: the Super Eco Tower! The tower is pictured below, but the snapshot doesn’t do it justice. This thing is huge. HUGE. It probably takes up about one fourth of the amount of land players begin the game with, and is extremely tall to boot.

Players level 100 or higher can purchase the tower with coins. Lower-level players can purchase the tower for 100 Town Cash, the game’s premium currency.

Millionaire City Updated

We like Digital Chocolate’s Millionaire City because it doesn’t beat around the bush. There is no language about building a happy neighborhood or try to delight players with flowers and parks. No, Millionaire City is all about making cold, hard cash. And that’s something we can respect – at least in video game form.

Anyway, a Millionaire City update was rolled out this week that included lots of bug fixes and other enhancements. Some bits of new content were also introduced:

- Two new buildings: Futuristic Building and Super Skyscraper
- Five new missions including Help Friends VI and Pimp the Colonial.
- A new premium Rent Collector tool for players that don’t want to click all their houses one by one.

Social City Adds Bus Depot & More

Another trio of new buildings were added to Playdom’s Social City today. The three new additions are: Bus Depot, TV Station, and in a bid designed to bring down everyone’s property values, Subsidized Housing 2.

Subsidized Housing 2 is for sale for 50,000 coins, and provides 600 population every 12 hours. The Bus Depot is for sale for 15 City Bucks, and generates 10,000 leisure. Plus, once purchases, city buses will begin cruising a player’s city streets. Lastly, the TV station is for sale for 90,000 coins and generates 5,500 leisure.

My Town July 15 Update

The Circus has come to My Town! Developer Broken Bulb released an intricate Circus decoration in today’s update. Like the Amusement Park added a while back, the Circus is jam packed full of little details. We spot a stilt walker, a lion tamer, elephants, a man being shot out of a cannon, a juggler, and plenty more.

Broken Bulb also announced they updated the game’s free gifts screen with some new goodies. We don’t have a full list of what gifts are new, but we think the Grey Alien, Sledgehammer Game, and Duck Shoot game are among the new additions. If anyone has the full scoop on the new gifts leave a comment and let us know.

Social City Adds Solar Home Gifts

Social City developer Playdom refreshed the game’s free gifts tab today, adding a new line of solar homes. Eco-friendly town builders can now gift Solar Home 3, Solar Home 4, and Solar Home 5 to one another. The Brown Teddy Bear also returned to the gifts tab today, thanks to fan demand.

The first Solar Home buildings were actually added back in May. This new trio don’t quite match it however, despite sharing the same name. They have a different color scheme and a different style of solar panel.

Millionaire City Holding ‘Best City’ Contest

Up-and-Coming city building title Millionaire City from Digital Chocolate is running a contest to find the best cities out there. Out of an initial pool of many, many applicants, the field has been narrowed to 10. Players can visit the Official Millionaire City Forum to view the entries, and vote for their favorite.

Right now community member Zordan has a commanding lead. We’ve included his city below. To view the other leading cities, click the link above. The winning entry will walk away with 25 Gold Bars – the game’s premium currency.

My Town July 12th Update

It’s Monday, so all good town planners know what that means: new My Town items! Today’s new items are: Tar Pit Museum, Laundromat, and Shark Attack water tile.

At first we figured Broken Bulb was going for a loose theme with today’s updates. Like after visiting the tar pits, a family had to wash their clothes. But the shark tossed that theory out the window.