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My Empire Survey Hints at Army Feature

My Empire developer Playfish has been hinting for a while that some big changes are afoot. Last week, the company posted the following on the game’s fan page:

“Mysterious inhabitants have been discovered on huge new islands surrounding your own. Will they be friendly? Will they be hostile? Find Out VERY SOON!”

Today, the company is running a survey that asks players what they would most like to do, if they were able to raise an in-game army:

Q: If I had an army, I would use it to…*
1) Attack other players and defend myself
2) Work together with friends to seek treasure
3) Get more land to build on

Sounds like things in My Empire are about to heat up!

My Town July 8th Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb released two more buildings today: Ye Olde Inn and an Animal Shelter.

Ye Olde Inn has been deliberately styled to match the previous Hobbit-style homes and other medieval buildings.

The animal shelter is a standard modern building. It only has half a roof, presumably to allow players to see some of the animals that are inside. But doesn’t this mean they are no longer sheltered? What happens when it rains? Or the town volcano erupts?

Social City Adds Trailer Park Gifts & More

Social City developer Playdom apparently decided players have been making their cities a little too classy. To bring things down a few notches, a collection of Trailer Park gifts have been added to the game’s gifts tab.

Like all Social City items, the gift set has a nice attention to detail. We especially like the trailer park tile that features and overgrown tree with a rundown RV parked underneath in the yard.

Playdom also released a Business Park leisure building, for those not interesting in building out a trailer park district.

Treetopia Expands Village

Playdom’s unique eco-friendly village builder Treetopia has given players more space to work with! Everyone’s village was expanded – no need to jump through hoops or purchase the additional space.

In Treetopia players build their village on the top of a plateau, so there isn’t any logical in-game reason for why that plateau just got about 25% bigger. But we aren’t complaining!

Playdom also added a few new decorations and buildings, to give players something to do with their new space.

My Empire Adds Two Premium Buildings

Playfish’s Roman inspired city sim My Empire added a duo of premium buildings over the long weekend. Players that have enough Playfish Cash can now purchase a Rare Goods Pit and a Tavern.

The Rare Goods Pit is a special type of production building. Rather than producing one set resource every 24 hours, it instead provides players with one rare good every 24 hours. Rare goods include Sulphur, Diamond, Jade, and Crystal, and are needed to construct the game’s wonders. Normally the only way to get them is by buying them outright with PF Cash, or as gifts from neighbors. The Rare Goods Pit can be purchased for 20 PF Cash.

A Tavern is also for sale for 11 PF Cash. It provides 700 Happiness and 1000 Fame.

My Town July 4th Update

Most of the country had this weekend (plus Monday!) off for the July 4th holiday, but there are no vacations in the world of social games. My Town developer Broken Bulb studios released a special update on the 4th itself, and also added a few items on Monday, its normal update time.

The new items are: Liberty Bell, Space Center, Boutique, and Gateway Arch. The Liberty Bell and Space Center are limited time offers, which we believe is a first for My Town. So players that want either will need to act fast!

Social City Adds Fireworks, Financials, & More

Social City developer Playdom made a handful of general improvements today, and also snuck in a little 4th of July celebration while they were at it.

First up, the in-game newspaper was one again expanded, this time with a “Financial News” section. Players will receive a daily coin bonus from it, as well as other helpful information about the status of their in-game bank account.

A wider variety of neighbor disaster missions were also introduced, so players won’t see the same scenarios repeat quite as frequently.

Finally, fireworks are now being shot off over four existing decorations: Fish Pond, Emerald Park, Water Tower & Baseball Diamond. Players can also purchase a limited edition Statue of Liberty to help further celebrate the Independence Day weekend.

My Town July 1 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb added another trio of items, today. A Russian Palace (complete with Onion Domes), a Hollywood Sign, and a Car Dealership.

Incidentally, My Town is the third game to introduce a Hollywood-style sign or lettering in the past few weeks. Playdom’s Social City and Crowdstar’s Happy Island have released similar updates. Weird!

Social City Adds Corporate HQ & More

Social City developer Playdom released a variety of new items today, from tiki bars to corporate headquarters. The game free gifts tab was also updated.

The bulk of the new gifts have a patriotic flair on account of the upcoming July 4th holiday, but there are also a few new tiki themed gifts, to keep things spicy. The new gifts tab line-up: Water, Blue Star Flowers, Blue Star Flowers 2, Red Flag Flowers, Cobblestone Road, Beach Party, Hollywood R, Patriotic Victorian home, Tiki Statues, and Tiki Bar.

New high-end residential and leisure buildings were also released. Both are the highest level items in their category. The new Corporate HQ costs 4,000,000 coins, but generates a whopping 50,000 leisure in return. The Charming Chateau costs 750,00 coins, and generates 1,000 population every 18 hours.

My Empire Adds Decorations and Buildings

Playfish’s Roman themed city builder My Empire added a handful of Happiness buildings this week, as well as a few new decorations. All the new additions are only available to high-level players, however.

The two new buildings are a Royal Sanctuary, and a Horse Pasture. The two new decorations are a Grand Road, and a Romulus and Remus statue. The statue is an especially cool addition. Who says social games can’t educate while they entertain?