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Social City Adds Achievements System

Social City developer Playdom released a robust new goals & achievements section of the in-game newspaper. The game itself has had achievements since almost day 1, but before now there was no way to track progress or see what achievements were yet to be earned.

The achievements page shows players milestones they have already reached, while the goals page shows players what awards they are currently working towards. There are achievements for helping neighbors, building parks, leisure buildings, and residences, saving money, having lots of neighbors, and plenty more.

My Town Adds Beach Buildings

My Town developer Broken Bulb used the first of their two weekly updates to add a few more beach-themed items, today. Players can now purchase a Beach Hut, and a Beach Resort.

Blueberry and Raspberry bushes were also released, but they are only available to players level 20 or higher.

My Town June 24 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb updated on schedule yesterday afternoon. As usual, three new buildings were added. Players can now purchase a BBQ Joint, an Auto Repair Shop, and the Washington Monument.

We find it darkly comic that the BBQ restaurant’s logo is a pig wearing a bib. Well played, Broken Bulb.

Social City District 4 Released

Social City developer Playdom is slowly & steadily expanding the amount of space city planners have to work with. The company opened up a fourth district for players to develop this week, but only for those willing to fork over some City Bucks.

District 4, the south-most district, is for sale for 40 City Bucks, and there is currently no other way to unlock it. Playdom has stated that down the line players will be given an alternative, payment-free way to unlock this new land.

This seems like a reasonable compromise to us. Players that want access today can buy it, but eventually, patient players will be given a free alternative.

My Town June 21 Update

It’s Monday, which means new items in Broken Bulb’s city sim My Town. This week’s new items are: a space needle, one way roads, and a wide variety of country flags.

The one way roads are nearly identical to the standard roads, just with a dotted white line in the middle, instead of the standard yellow line. No one can accuse Broken Bulb of not having an eye for details! The new country flags seem to be from countries currently participating in the World Cup that were not already represented in-game. New flags include: Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, and several more.

Social City Adds Third District & Makes Improvements

Social City developer Playdom finally opened up access to the game’s southwest district – the third district released, counting the initial land players begin the game with. A variety of other small tweaks and improvements were also rolled out, today.

Players have two ways to unlock the district: they can buy it outright for 40 City Bucks, or they can enlist the help of their friends and attempt to get 30 “votes.” Players can earn votes by making a Facebook wall post. Each player that clicks on your wall post earns you one vote. Most players are (quite correctly) guessing that obtaining 30 votes in this manner is a pretty tall order, so they have taken to trading votes on various official and unofficial Social City forums.

A new tweak was made to the game’s gift tab, as well. In addition to sending gifts to friends, players can now request a specific gift, as well. Players simply need to highlight the gift they want, and then click the “Ask for Gift” button.

Finally, players were given a couple different options for placing rush orders at their factories. The easiest way to rush an order is to buy a Mandatory Caffeination for your workers for 1 City Buck, to finish the order instantly. Players can also request and then spend Motivational Posters from their friends.

Social City Releases New Premium Buildings

Social City developer Playdom added a new trio of premium buildings to the game’s start-up newspaper, this week. The buildings have very distinctive designs, as well as increased stats, when compared to Social City’s normal structures.

Hong Kong Tower is for sale for 39 City Bucks, and provides 45,000 Leisure. It is tough to say for certain, but it certainly looks like it is Social City’s tallest building yet. Bonus points for looking a heck of a lot like the Hong Kong building featured in The Dark Knight.

Beauty Parlor is for sale for 19 City Bucks, and provides 10,000 leisure.

Lastly, Russian Cathedral is for sale for 59 City Bucks, and provides 60,000 leisure.

My Town Releases Western Items

Who would have guessed it? The Wild West seems to be back in style. On Facebook Zynga’s FrontierVille and Meteor’s Ranch Town are both growing rapidly. And elsewhere in the video game arena, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is selling like hotcakes. Not wanting to be left out, My Town developer Broken Bulb got in on the Wild West action, today.

Players can now purchase a Saloon, a Gold Mine, a Dirt Patch, and a Tumbleweed for their towns. The Gold Mine earns either gold or cash every time a player collects from it. Nice!

Social City Adds Hollywood Letters & More Office Buildings

Social City developer Playdom further expanded their cheerful city sim this week, by refreshing the game’s gifts tab and adding a few more mid-range office buildings.

A giant letter “A” (referred to as “Hollywood A” in-game) has been added to the gifts line-up. An “A” by itself doesn’t make much sense, but Playdom has assured fans that more letters are on the way. It appears the intention is to allow players to spell things out in large fashion, similar to the famous Hollywood sign.

Small Office Building 3 and Medium Office Building 3 were both added to the Leisure Store, as well. Neither is an incredibly exciting addition, but they should help players that are maintaining more realistic cities inject some more variety into their city blocks.

My Town June 3rd Update

My Town updated on schedule last night by adding a couple of new buildings, as well as a new type of decoration: Flags! Players can now fly their own town colors, with over ten country flags to choose from.

Besides the flags, today’s other new additions are a small grocery store, and a United Nations building. We have pictures of all these new additions below.