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Social City Adds Premium Biker Bar

Social City developer Playdom added a new premium building to the game’s in-game newspaper today: a biker bar! So what makes this seemingly standard decoration so special? Players that purchase one and place it in their city will then see a gang of bikers driving through their town, alongside the cars and buses already cruising around.

Besides providing the motorcycle gang, the biker bar also has the same substantial stats we have come to expect from premium buildings. It costs 35 City Bucks to purchase, and provides a total 10,000 Leisure.

My Town Releases Memorial Day Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios doesn’t even let national holidays get in the way of their bi-weekly update schedule. The company released two military themed items yesterday, in observance of Memorial Day.

Players can now purchase a War Memorial and a Military Base for their towns. With the recently released beach and water tiles, players can get extra creative. We plan on making our military base surrounded by a moat, for an extra layer of security.

My Town May 27 Update

My Town’s May 27 update took on a somewhat Vegas-style flavor, this week. The three new buildings are: Wedding Chapel, Sphinx, and Olympus Casino. Like the previously released casino, the Olympus Casino gives players the chance to win Town Cash each time players harvest from it.

You might be wondering what makes a wedding chapel have anything to do with Las Vegas. We think it’s probably safe to assume that a normal wedding chapel doesn’t feature drive-thru service, or a giant neon sign…

Social City Adds Medium Offices & LE Items

Social City developer Playdom has added both premium and standard buildings this week, ensuring there is something new for everyone.

Medium Office Building 1 & 2 both cost 120,000 coins to build, have a construction time of 1 day, and generate 7,000 leisure. Aesthetically, they should function as a nice bridge between the smaller initial leisure buildings, and the gigantic skyscrapers that players unlock at higher levels.

The most recent limited edition items are: Football Stadium, Video Game Arcade, and Solar Home 1. The stadium costs 69 City Bucks, and generates 60,000 leisure. The arcade costs 29 City Bucks, and generates 15,000 leisure. The solar home costs 19 City Bucks, and generates 1,200 population every 2 days.

As with all limited edition Social City buildings, all three are available in limited quantities. The Video Arcade specifically is nearly sold out – so if you had your eye on it, better act quickly!

Social City Releases Districts

Social City developer Playdom released a major expansion to their hit city building game this week, with the introduction of districts. These districts act as separate (but connected) areas of your city, and are played on their own separate game screen, so players can continue growing their city without bogging down their computer.

The first district costs 100,000 coins to unlock, and gives players a new 9×9 square of land to work with. This land can be expanded to 11×11, 13×13 and beyond, if a player has enough neighbors (or is willing to pay a few City Bucks to ignore the neighbor requirement).

Each district has its own population and leisure totals, but money, gifts and factories are shared between all districts. So although players will still need to balance housing with leisure, they can now create suburbs, industrial districts, or anything else in their imagination. Nice!

My Town Adds Kong Tower & More

My Town developer Broken Bulb’s May 24 update is a mixture of the mundane and the fantastical, with three new items added in total. Players can now purchase a Courthouse, a Service Station, and Kong Tower for their towns.

One nice touch we noticed regarding Kong Tower are the little biplanes buzzing around. Nice attention to detail!

My Town Adds Theme Park

We have commented a couple times lately that some of My Town’s new buildings and houses have begun to feel a little “same-y” – the same basic box-like design, just with a different name out front. Developer Broken Bulb Studios silenced our criticisms (which were more like minor nitpicks to begin with) with the addition of today’s incredibly detailed Amusement Park.

The theme park features a roller coaster, a log ride, a swinging pirate ship, a kiddie train, a transportation train, *and* a gigantic dinosaur, alongside various other attractions. All these items are jam-packed inside of a small square, and intertwined within one another. It’s a very fun and very detailed design.

Also added this week (but clearly taking a backseat) is an Eco House, and a Cobblestone path pattern.

Social City Adds MegaCorp Tower & More

Social City developer Playdom released another handful of normal and premium buildings this week, including the ultra-high-end MegaCorp Tower. But more on it in a moment.

First off, three new Premium buildings are available for purchase from the in-game newspaper players are presented with at start-up. The (surprisingly) cultural Acropolis is for sale for 70 City Bucks, and provides 40,000 leisure. Underhill Home 3 is for sale for 20 City Bucks, and provides +450 population every 6 hours. Lastly, Golf Course 7 is for sale for 29 City Bucks, and provides 6,000 leisure. The golf course piece being a premium item is a bit puzzling, considering that golf course pieces 1 – 6 have been available as free gifts for quite some time now.

The three new coin leisure buildings are: Small Office Building 1 & 2, and the aforementioned MegaCorp Tower. The small office buildings are nice for lower level players to begin building a office district, but it’s clearly the gigantic tower that’s the star. To our knowledge it is the highest-level and most expensive building in the game. It costs 1,400,000 coins to build, and provides 40,000 leisure. Where can Social City go from here?

My Town May 17 Update

My Town developer Broken Bulb Studios updated on schedule today, adding one new decoration, one new home, and one new business. Players now have access to: Little Fishing Boats, Fortune Teller, and Modern High Rise.

The fishing boats are the latest in an ever-increasing collection of beach and water-themed items. The temptation to redesign our entire town to make it a tropical island complete with surf shacks, fishing boats, and a volcano grows stronger with each new addition.

Social City Adds Aquarium, Federal Building, & More

Social City developer Playdom seems to have fallen into a steady updating routine, with the game’s early days of bugs and other growing pains put behind it. A steady stream of both premium and coin items have been released, this week.

The new premium items are: Aquarium, English Pub, and Queen Anne Home. All three are for sale in limited numbers, from the “newspaper” that players see when they first sign in. The aquarium and pub provide 21,000 and 15,000 leisure respectively, and the home provides +1,250 population every 24 hours.

The new coin items are A-Frame House 2 (+800 population every 48 hours), Federal Building (+16,000 leisure), and a variety of Dirt Lot terrain items.