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Treasure Isle Voyages Introduced

Treasure Isle developer Zynga introduced a new constructible Dragonboat a while back, with the promise that once it was built, players could use it to go on voyages. Today, the feature has officially launched!

Players can access the voyages screen by clicking on their Dragonboat. Voyages are unlocked by adding crew members, which can be done by paying Island Cash, or recruiting friends for free.

Once a player embarks on a journey, every step they take will consume 15 energy. Several random events take place along the way, some bad (Ninja attacks!), and some good (free food!). Eventually, players will complete their journey, unlocking a new treasure digging stage in the process.

So far, there are three voyages: Ninja Assassin, Happy Land, and Monster Island. Mastering all three unlocks a total of six new treasure digging maps.

Treasure Isle Finally Adds Storage Solution

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has finally introduced a long-awaited Home Island storage solution! All players now have the opportunity to store five items free of charge, with the premium option to expand the storage capacity.

The storage comes in the form of a giant floating turtle with a coral-encrusted safe on his back, and is entitled Davy Jones’ Locker. Cute!

Players can pay 20 Island Cash to expand the storage space by five as many times as they like. Players can also enlist the help of their friends to increase the storage space for free.

Treasure Isle Releases ‘Secret Japan’ Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has added a new batch of Asian Isles maps, entitled Secret Japan. Players now have seven more islands to explore and seek treasure on, but only if they have the cash to purchase them.

The new maps are: The Old Road, The Outpost, Forest Creatures, Mini Metro, Tiny Village, Samurai VS Ninja, and Snowbound. Three of the new maps must be purchased with Island Cash, and two must be purchased for coins. This leaves just two maps available free of charge.

Treasure Isle Introduces Whales

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has introduced another premium home island decoration: whales! As players probably have guessed, these whales are quite large, and can only be placed in the water surrounding a player’s home island – not on the land itself. They are only being sold for Island Cash, and permanently boost a player’s maximum energy when purchased.

The Cake Whale, Bowhead Whale, and Sperm Whale are all for sale for 40 Island Cash, and provide +1 to a player’s max energy. The Fail Whale (named and styled after Twitter’s fail whale) is for sale for 55 Island Cash, and provides +2 to a player’s max energy. All of these whales are available for six more days.

Pirates Ahoy Launches Battle Arena

Pirates Ahoy from Playfish launched a major new feature this week, to further evolve the game beyond its treasure digging roots. Players can now challenge their friends in ship vs. ship combat! Besides earning plenty of glory, players can also win coins, gems, and other rewards.

Players begin with three challenges per day, and can get more in daily neighbor visits, by digging, or by purchasing them with Playfish cash. Right now, players can only challenge their fellow Pirates Ahoy neighbors. After challenging a friend to a fight, players then pick what attacks they want to perform.

There are three battle moves to choose from – Ram, Shoot, and Shield. Every fight has five attack rounds, and players choose which move to perform each round. Victory is decided in a rock, paper, scissors manor – shoot beats shield, shield beats ram, and ram beats shoot.

After challenging your opponent, they will then need to log in and select their own attack moves. Then you can see which ship came out on top! The more players battle, the higher their battle rank becomes. Thicker shields, more devastiting cannons, and other upgrades can then be purchased. Players can also spend some Playfish Cash to give themselves an even bigger edge.

Treasure Isle Introduces Treasure Collection Mastery

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has released a much-needed revamp to the game’s treasure collection interface. Treasure collections are now sorted into seven categories: Tiki, Mayan, Pirate, Volcano, Monkey, Asia, and Special. There are also now four collections shown per page. Finally, it is now easy to see at a glance which collections have been completed, and which haven’t.

Perhaps the most intriguing change is that treasure collections now have four mastery levels. Every time a player turns in a complete collection, that collection’s mastery level increases by 1. So far there doesn’t seem to be any reward for achieving a treasure collection’s maximum mastery level after vaulting it four times, but we wouldn’t be surprised if players earned exclusive rewards or other bonuses for fully mastered treasure collections down the road.

Treasure Isle Releases First Asian Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has released the first in what is sure to be a large collection of Asian themed maps, entitled Rising Sun Run.

There are seven new maps in total: Fuji Isle, Snowy Glade, Sacred Shrine, Sushi Shack, Peaceful Monastery, The Master Artist, and Tanuki Forest. Four are free, while three must be purchased with Island Cash. Sacred Shrine is only available to players level 150 or higher.

The maps are filled with new Asian themed treasure collections, including bonsai trees and a suit of samurai armor.

Pirates Ahoy Revises Friend Visit Bonus

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish has given the game’s friend visit bonus a much-needed revision, this week. Now, when a player visits a neighbor for the first time, they are awarded a random prize – either gold, food, or even metals.

In fact, visiting neighbors is now the ONLY way to receive the metals needed to restore found treasures. Gems can still be dug up at random.

In our testing gold and energy were much more common prizes than metals, but we still received plenty after making our way through our entire Pirates Ahoy friends list. It seems likely that players will build up a large stockpile of metals thanks to this new system if they consistently check in and stay social with their fellow Pirates Ahoy players.

Pirates Ahoy Adds New Decorations

A handful of new home island decorations have been added to Playfish’s treasure digging title Pirates Ahoy, giving players a few more options for customizing their pirate HQ.

The new items are: Lava Statue, Hay Roll, Scarecrow, Wooden Crane, Pirate Wagon, and Fish Pond. All of these new items are available for coins besides the special lava statue. It is for sale for 13 PF Cash, and when purchased it turns the ocean water around your home island into red lava!

A new sailing perk has also been released – the game’s 2nd. As its name implies, the new Invincible perk allows players to win every monster battle for seven days, at a cost of 20 PF Cash.

Treasure Isle Releases Volcano Isles Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released a new set of maps this week: Volcano Isles. The seven map set uses the same tiles and design as the Fire God Mountain volcano, but they play like traditional Treasure Isle stages, with set designs instead of randomized layouts.

The new maps are: Burning Phoenix, Jeweled Palace, Fairy Castle, Wrong Turn!, Old Gem Mine, Phoenix Roost, and Imp Fort. Three of the seven maps must be purchased with Island cash, and the remaining four are free.

Instead of containing gem gates, players must instead pay Phoenix Feathers to progress past locked gates. These feathers can be collected inside Fire God Mountain, similar to the Monkey Wrenches that can be collected inside Monkey Palace.