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Treasure Isle Releases Volcano Isles Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released a new set of maps this week: Volcano Isles. The seven map set uses the same tiles and design as the Fire God Mountain volcano, but they play like traditional Treasure Isle stages, with set designs instead of randomized layouts.

The new maps are: Burning Phoenix, Jeweled Palace, Fairy Castle, Wrong Turn!, Old Gem Mine, Phoenix Roost, and Imp Fort. Three of the seven maps must be purchased with Island cash, and the remaining four are free.

Instead of containing gem gates, players must instead pay Phoenix Feathers to progress past locked gates. These feathers can be collected inside Fire God Mountain, similar to the Monkey Wrenches that can be collected inside Monkey Palace.

Pirates Ahoy Releases Farming Decorations

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish released another batch of new decorations today. Most of the new items follow a farming theme, but a few of the new additions strike us as being more pirate-like. There are also a few new high-end premium additions.

The new decorations are: Barn, Pirate Sign, Skull Cave, Carrot, and a Cow. Playfish also released two new packages for players looking for more gems and precious metals to help restore collected treasures. A Small Gem Mine and a Small Metal Mine are both for sale for seven PF Cash. They both provide players with a total of ten gems or metals, one every 24 hours.

Lastly, the new premium Beehive decoration is quite expensive at 75 Playfish Cash, but it provides a hefty bonus, as well. Players that purchase the Beehive will receive a 10% energy boost honeycomb per day, forever!

Pirates Ahoy Introduces Storage Collection

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish introduced a new Storage treasure collection, today. The prize for completing the collection is a storage shed, which gives players +10 storage space for their home island treasure chest. Unlike other treasure collections, players can repeatedly complete this Storage collection, providing them with more and more storage space.

The collection is made up of six treasures, which must be dug up and restored in the same manner as other Pirates Ahoy treasures. Storage treasures can be found at random in any of the Pirates Ahoy locations.

Treasure Isle Introduces Storage Balloons

Treasure Isle developer Zynga introduced a whimsical collection of hot air balloons over the weekend. Besides adding a bit of style and panache to a player’s home island, these balloons also double as storage, providing players with +10 additional backpack space.

The new balloon styles are: Starry, Rainbow, Pink & Blue, Kittens, Checker, Strawberry, Steampunk, & Anvil. They are all limited editions and will only be available for four more days, and are all for sale for 40 Island Cash.

Treasure Isle Gem Mine Coming Soon

Treasure Isle developer Zynga began teasing a new Gem Mine feature, this week. Details are scarce – all we know for certain is that players will be able to receive one gem of any color once every 24 hours. Nice!

No word yet on how the Gem Mine is obtained, but given that a big portion of Treasure Isle revolves around the gem gates, we’re assuming it won’t be easy. It could be a premium item only available for Island Cash, or perhaps it will be a structure that can only be built with the help of a player’s Treasure Isle neighbors.

All we know for certain is that we want one. Orange and Blue gems are just way too rare!

Pirates Ahoy Adds Ship Perks & More Decorations

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish added even more country themed decorations this week, and also introduced a new category of ship improvements, called Perks.

First up, the decorations. Another batch of country-themed decorations were released, for those pirates considering settling down and living a quiet life on their home island. At least, that’s how it seems to us. What other pirate would want a white picket fence? In any case, players can now purchase a piglet, an apple tree, a country home with porch, picket fence gates, and more.

It is a little hard to find, but players can also improve their ship with new “Perks.” These perks provide practical benefits, and can be found under the “Crew” menu. Right now the only perk is Wind Support. It costs 20 Playfish Cash, but makes your ship travel 50% faster for 7 days.

Pirates Ahoy Releases Constructible Pirate King Statue

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish gave treasure seekers a new project to work on besides just filling their coffers with coins and treasures, this week. Players can now construct a Giant Pirate King Statue on their home islands. Besides just looking cool & intimidating, when construction is completed players also get +10 to their maximum energy.

To complete construction, players will need to collect a variety of statue parts. The Hook Part and Parrot Part can be found at random when digging. The others must be collected from friends as free gifts, or purchased with Playfish Cash. In total players will need to dig up 3 Parrot Parts and 20 Hook Parts, and collect 10 each of: Head Part, Jug Part, Leg Part, and Sword Part. That’s 63 parts total!

For players that don’t want to go through the hassle, the entire construction can be completed automatically for 101 PF Cash.

Treasure Isle Adds Relics & Revamps Store

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released a new Relics system today, and also gave the in-game store a much needed redesign. A handful of new limited edition home island decorations have also been released.

All Treasure Isle players have been given the base of a new Tiki Relic to kick off the Relics system. After placing the (quite large!) base on their Home Island, players can click on it to see what items are needed to finish construction. In the case of the Tiki Relic, players will need one each of: Dye, Glue, Fire, Metal, and Oil. These items can be purchased for 1 Island Cash each, or players can make a Facebook wall post requesting one.

The best way to get these new materials is probably through digging, however. As players dig up maps, they will find the necessary relic materials through normal play.

Treasure Isle’s in-game store was also revamped this week. There are now seven major store categories running down the lefthand side, with subcategories running along the top. With more and more decorations and upgrades added every week, this should help treasure seekers better find the specific item they are looking for.

Finally, a collection of limited edition premium mini-islands have been released. These islands can be placed in the water surrounding a player’s home island. Each is for sale for 60 Island Cash and is only available for the next 7 days. In addition to allowing players to begin building a modest island chain, they also boost a player’s total max energy by +3. The new land masses are: Monkey Point, Pelican Cove, Sinking Beach, Lighthouse Bay, and Squid Island.

Treasure Isle Releases Apes Through the Ages Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga continued its monkey business today, introducing a new collection of ape themed maps. Despite the prevalence of mischievous monkeys on all of the Pirate Isles maps, this new Apes Through the Ages collection is actually a part of Tiki Isles – the first Treasure Isle map collection.

The new maps are: Ape-Ollo 19, Queen Konga, Isle of the Apes, Penned Up Pirates, 2011 Ape Odyssey, Donkey Chong, and Emerald Isle. The majority of the new maps are references and parodies of movies or games that have featured monkeys in a major way. Donkey Kong, The Wizard of Oz’s flying monkeys, 2010′s monolith, and more are all referenced.

Five of the seven new maps are free, while two must be purchased with Island Cash.

Pirates Ahoy Adds Country Items

Pirates Ahoy developer Playfish added another handful of decoration items today, for all those creative pirates out there that want to spice up their pirate HQ. New badges and other small improvements were also introduced.

New items include a country cottage, country tool shed, white picket fence, a pirate sheep, trimmed hedges, and more. The highlight of the budge is probably the Goodoo Statue. This statue is a little pricy at 8,000 coins, but when purchased and placed on a player’s island, it turns their ocean water into green goo!

Among the new ship badges is a loyalty badge, earned for playing Pirates Ahoy for several days in a row.