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Treasure Isle’s Monkey Palace Released

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has released the game’s second super dungeon: Monkey Palace! The new location works very similarly to Fire God Mountain, but with partying monkeys instead of menacing Fire Imps. We’ll take it!

To gain access, players will first need to collect four Golden Tickets. An invitation monkey should be hanging around everyone’s Home Island, and provides one freebie Golden Ticket. To get the other three, players can make a Facebook wall post asking for them. Players can also send one another “Monka Bars,” which provide an energy boost, but also have a chance of containing a Golden Ticket, ala Willy Wonka.

Once inside, players will progress from floor to floor, only moving on when the previous floor’s treasures have all been uncovered. The fewer digs a player uses to complete Monkey Palace, the better the final reward. Exclusive items include free gems, a Home Island Banana Tree, and of course plenty of exclusive treasures and decorations.

Zynga Giving Away 1 Million Treasure Isle Cash!

In what is almost assuredly the largest social game giveaway in history, Zynga has announced that one lucky Treasure Isle player is going to win an astounding 1 Million Island Cash! This is over $100,000 worth of premium currency. The contest is so large it is almost absurd. How could one player ever spend that much cash in one game?

Full contest details can be found here, on the official Treasure Isle forum. The contest is tied to the launch of Monkey Palace. Like Fire God Mountain, Monkey Palace has several floors, each with a randomized layout, so it’s different every time you enter. When a player finds all the treasure on one floor, they get to move on to the next. The player that completes Monkey Palace in the fewest number of digs before August 13 wins the one million Island Cash!

Players don’t need to sign up for anything or post their score anywhere. Monkey Palace scores are automatically being tracked by Zynga. In the event of a tie, the player that achieved the score earliest will be the winner.

Given that there are many millions of Treasure Isle players out there, we think a tie is actually quite likely. So if you’re intending on making a serious attempt at this contest, you better get into Monkey Palace ASAP!

Treasure Isle Teasing Monkey Palace

With Fire God Mountain behind us, Zynga is wasting no time in beginning the hype cycle for the next Treasure Isle event: Monkey Palace! Like Fire God Mountain, the Monkey Palace has been on the map screen, locked away, practically since the day the game launched.

Right now we don’t have many details, but it is probably a good bet that players will need another exclusive item, like the SPF-3000, to get in. Based on Zynga’s teaser image, we’re guessing the item is Golden Tickets. We also expect the palace to again feature randomized stages, allowing players to experience something different each time they enter.

The only real clue we have to go on is his very amusing monkey party invitation:

Treasure Isle Adds Constructible Pirate Ship

Treasure Isle developer Zynga gave treasure seekers a construction project, over the weekend! Apparently traveling around all the pirate isles has given Treasure Isle players all the knowledge they need to build a pirate shit of their very own.

All players have been given a construction dock to place on their Home Island. Players then have to select the dock and work on their ship eight times (spending five energy each time). The final step is to collect all the required construction materials. Players need five each of: Ship Nails, Planks, Nautical Rope, Sailcloth, and Paint.

These materials can be purchased for one Island Cash a piece, or players can gift them to one another for free. If a specific material is needed, a player can make a Facebook wall post requesting it.

After construction is completed, the ship does more than just look cool. It also allows players to access exclusive islands! A new set of Pirate themed maps have been released, two of which can only be explored by players that have completed their pirate ship.

The new maps are: Pirate Vanguard, Lazy Larder, Deadman Pass, Construction Isle, Greenbeard’s Field, Stinkeye’s Shanty, and Reginald’s Armory.

Treasure Isle Adds a Boat Collection

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has added a collection of decorative boats to the game’s home island decorations store! These boats are for more than just show, however. Each one a player purchases increases their max energy! All the boats are for sale for 35 Island Cash and provide +1 max energy, besides the Dreamboat, which costs 50 Island Cash and provide +2 max energy.

The new boats are: Dreamboat, Chinese Punt, Doggie Boat, Dragon Boat, Haunted Boat, Hotrod Boat, Landing Craft, and Pirate Rowboat.

Given the stats boost, these boats being premium items makes sense. But we hope some stat-free decorative boats that can be purchased with coins are eventually released, for those that just want to spice up their Home Island.

Treasure Isle Releases Fire Shovel

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released the game’s first true equipment upgrade today: the Fire Shovel! In true Zynga fashion, it has a unique twist, however. Rather than purchasing the Fire Shovel with coins or island cash, players collect Fire Shovel uses by tending to their phoenix, and exploring the Fire God Mountain volcano.

As for the shovel itself, its bonus is definitely handy for hardcore treasure diggers. It allows players to dig three tiles at a time, with one click, instead of just one.

Once a player is out of fire shovel charges, they must continue exploring Fire God Mountain, or tend to their Home Island phoenix, to get more. Right now players can’t purchase Fire Shovel charges, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this option was added in the future.

Pirates Ahoy Releases Tiki Decorations

Playfish’s treasure digging title Pirates Ahoy (we refuse to type out the exclamation point every time) has truly hit the ground running. Despite being a brand new game, last week a collection of French themed Bastille Day decorations were released, and this week a collection of Tiki items have hit the shop.

New HQ decorations include: tiki hut, tiki bar, tiki lantern, happy tiki head, angry tiki head, summer gazebo, summer palm tree, and more. A few of the items are available for just the next seven days, but the bulk of the Polynesian goodies are permanent additions to the Pirates Ahoy store.

Now if we could just save enough coins to purchase them… we be poor pirates, as it is!

Treasure Isle Releases Monkey Business Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released the third set of Pirate Isles maps this week, entitled Monkey Business. Like the previous set, these new maps contain a lot of atmosphere and even tell little stories, based on what is happening around your treasure seeker. In one, a group of monkey pirates are invading the pirate HQ of of another crew. In another, pirates cling to trees to keep from being blown away by extremely high winds.

The new maps are: Wild and Windy, Good Vibes Jr., Banana Split, Ship Graveyard, Monkey Raid, Buried Treasure, and Banana Cove. Unfortunately, once again most of these new maps must be purchased. Three are for sale only for Island Cash, and one is for sale for coins. We stand by our opinion that Zynga should be charging for decorations, equipment, and energy, and not access to islands.

Treasure Isle Releases Island Expansions

Treasure Isle players have been clamoring for expansions for their Home Island for some time now. This is nothing new – every player of every social game always wants more space. Although to be fair, the last TI Home Island expansion was released over five weeks ago.

Zynga apparently agrees with their fans that Home Island expansions have been released a little too infrequently. Today not one but TWO island expansions made their debut! Players can now upgrade to a Large Island, and an even bigger Grand Island.

The Large Island costs 65,000 coins are requires 12 neighbors, or it can be purchased for 30 Island Cash. The Grand Island costs 80,000 coins and requires 15 neighbors, or can be purchased for 35 Island Cash.

For those Treasure Isle players that can afford the expansions – leave a comment and let us know how you’re going to use all your new space!

Pirates Ahoy Celebrates Bastille Day

Playfish’s treasure digging game Pirates Ahoy may be under a week old, but that hasn’t stopped Playfish from releasing new goodies! The company has released a large set of French themed decorations in honor of Bastille Day.

The new decoration items include: Parisian homes and shops, a guillotine, a bottle of champagne, an Arc de Triomphe replica, several varieties of French flags, and a large french castle, surrounded by a mote.

Some of the items are limited editions, and will only be available for 7 more days. Others are permanent additions. All are for sale for coins besides the Arc, which costs 12 PF Cash.