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Treasure Isle Teases Fire God Mountain

Treasure Isle developer Zynga snuck in references to a few unreleased maps, several weeks ago. These special “coming soon” islands were added to older map pages, so they were easy to miss, if players didn’t go back and browse previously completed pages. Fire God Mountain and Monkey Palace are the best examples.

Lately, Zynga has been dropping very strong hints that Fire God Mountain is about to “erupt” and finally be open for digging. The developer even set up a fan page devoted exclusively to the volcano, and has been using it to reveal upcoming changes.

For one, players will find special fruits inside that “pack some heat” instead of the normal Kiwis and Mangos. Even more exciting, Fire God Mountain will “grant players more gardening plots.” Yay! Finally, the fan page also states that players that explore the stage will be given exclusive Home Island decorations.

No word yet on when the level will be open, but it can’t be long now. As for whether it will be free or cost Island Cash, Zynga only had this to say: “The Volcano is open to all who are brave enough to enter, however, it has been rumored that the last raiders survived only by bringing something to deal with the heat…”

Metaplace Launches Legendary Treasure Alpha Test

Metaplace, the company behind My Vineyard and Island Life, is currently testing a third title: Legendary Treasure! Users can check out the game for themselves here.

Many Facebook games launch in an unfinished, rough state, and then get polished over time. But Legendary Treasure seems to be a true Alpha Test – just a few days ago player progress was (intentionally) reset. So, we encourage SGC members to try the game out, but just remember you are helping to test an unfinished product, so don’t get too attached to your character’s progress!

The game is a treasure digging title, like Zynga’s Treasure Isle, and zSlide’s Treasure Madness before it. Like both titles, players spend energy, which refills over time, to dig up tropical islands one tile at a time. These tiles will often contain gold, which can be spent to decorate a player’s home island, or occasionally a piece of a treasure set.

Legendary Treasure has more in common with Treasure Isle than Treasure Madness. It includes a colored key system, similar to TI’s colored gems. Players will need to have the right key to clear gates and progress. The Home Island concept is also lifted from TI.

One key difference is that treasures gained in Legendary Treasure are displayed on a player’s home island itself – a nice touch.

Our early impressions of Legendary Treasure are mixed. On the one hand, we prefer social game companies that march to their own beat, instead of copying proven formulas. In many cases, the public seems to agree – My Vineyard is an original concept from Metaplace and is the company’s biggest title. But on the other hand, more competition in a genre generally leads to better games, which is always a good thing for players. When companies duke it out, it is the consumer that often wins.

We’ll have more on Legendary Treasure as it continues to evolve and passes out of alpha testing.

Treasure Isle World Map Reveals Future Expansions

Treasure Isle developer Zynga added a new World Map this week, giving gamers a new way to navigate through the game’s numerous stages as well as providing a major preview of where gamers will be exploring next.

Egyptian Isles, Pirate Cove, North Pole, Asian Isles, and Atlantis are all listed as “Coming Soon” on the new world map. It should be noted that this technically isn’t the first hint we’ve seen that these expansions are on the way. Pirate and Atlantis themed maps have been featured on the Treasure Isle loading screen for some time now.

Although there’s no official word on which set will be added next, Pirate Cove seems to be a pretty good bet, given the pirate decorations that were recently released. Players can now purchase a pirate monkey, pirate parrot, and other pirate decorations for their Home Island.

Treasure Isle Releases Tiki Gold Rush Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga added a new set of maps today: Tiki Gold Rush! To access these new islands, players will actually need to go back through their map pages. The Tiki Gold Rush page is placed after the initial four Tiki Isles maps, and before the Mayan Isles maps. It seems Zynga intends to finish off every map set with a special “gold rush” set, perhaps to reward players for all their hard work.

The new maps are: Happy Seas, Lava Chief, Longboard Land, Boogie Beach, Sad Tiki Sands, Eternal Estuary, and Rocky Waters. Like the Mayan Gold Rush maps, all of these new maps are available free – no coins or Island Cash required.

Treasure Isle Introduces Adoptable Elephant

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released a new lost / adoptable animal this week: an elephant! We’re sure most players by now know how the animal adoption song & dance works in Facebook games, but in case you don’t, we’ll run it down for you.

When a player finds one of these elephants on their home island, or when out adventuring, they will have the opportunity to make a Facebook wall post about their discovery. The first few fellow Treasure Isle players that click on this wall post that then receive an elephant of their own, to place on their Home Island. The only way to obtain an elephant is to click on a friend’s wall post – if you discover the elephant, you can’t keep it. You can only give your friends the opportunity to adopt.

Has anyone discovered or adopted this new animal yet? If so, where did you put him on your Home Island? Let us know in the comments below!

Treasure Isle Releases Mayan Isles V Maps

Treasure Isle developer Zynga released what is likely the final set of Mayan Isles maps last night. Rather than being named with a roman numeral as with all other Treasure Isle map sets, this newest map collection is entitled “Mayan Gold Rush.”

The new maps are: Two Springs, Monkey’s Fingers, The Old Aqueduct, Elder’s Court, Forested Inland, Lonely Guards, and Crooked Trail. Thankfully, all seven maps are available free of charge – no coins or Island Cash required!

Even better, these maps seem to be focused heavily on improving players’ bank accounts, as the “Gold Rush” name implies. We tested out these new maps, and dug up either gold or fruit on every single tile! Treasures seem to be very sparse – one map only has two treasures hidden on the entire island.

Although some players might be disappointed by the lack of treasures to dig up, we welcome this Gold Rush change of pace. And hopefully the free maps indicate that Zynga intends to keep the maps free of charge in the future, and make money from Treasure Isle via other means.

Treasure Isle Adds New Decorations and Animals

It might not have been the new maps high-level players were hoping for, but Treasure Isle developer Zynga did update with new goodies bound to make another type of TI player happy, this week. A variety of new animals and decorations for players’ Home Islands are now available in the Treasure Isle shop, giving creative types a variety of new items to work with.

New additions include: Green Dock, Fantasy Villa, Sea Turtle, Pink Seagull, Porcupine, Hammerhead Shark, Spooky Tree, Parrot Palm, Million Mansion, and several more. Unfortunately the bulk of these decorations are only available for Island Cash. The animals we can understand – Treasure Isle animals have always been Island Cash items. But the Green Dock also being sold for Island Cash strikes us as being a little egregious.

On the bright side, a few brand new gifts are also available on the Treasure Isle gifts tab. Players can now gift one another a blue stone, a red stone, and seaweed.

Treasure Isle Introduces Map Replaying

Treasure Isle developer Zynga finally gave players the ability to replay completed maps, earlier this week. The feature most obviously benefits those hardcore treasure diggers that have completed all the current maps. But replaying maps might also be useful for treasure seekers trying to discover a specific treasure to complete a set. Since every treasure can only be found on a few maps, replaying a map gives a player another chance to find the item they’re looking for.

To replay a map, a player will need to spend Map Fragments. Early maps cost 5 – 10 fragments to replay, while later maps become considerably more expensive. Map fragments can be purchased – 10 for 5 Island Cash or 40 for 18 Island Cash – or they can be gifted by friends. Players can send a Map Fragment as a standard Treasure Isle gift, or you can specifically request Map Fragments in the same way energy can be requested.

In our opinion, the manner in which Zynga has designed map replays is a little strange. This is a feature that is primarily for hardcore players that have completed all the existing maps. So Zynga is essentially asking those players to pay for the ability to replay content, since they aren’t able to release maps fast enough to keep up with demand! Treasure Madness, a competing treasure digging title, allows players that have completed all available maps to replay old maps for free.

Treasure Isle Releases More Mayan Maps & Decorations

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has added another set of Mayan maps for high-level treasure diggers to explore, as well as new Mayan-themed decorations for player’s home islands. If these Mayan maps follow the pattern of the previous Tiki islands, this will be the last Mayan maps to make an appearance.

The new maps are: Three Pools, Branched Path, Five Challenges, Silent Forest, Tree of Life, Buggy Bog, and Winding Way. Like Mayan Isles III, two of the seven new Mayan Isles IV maps must be purchased with Island Cash. Four are available for free, and one must be purchased with coins.

The new Home Island decorations are: Mayan Fancy Pot, Mayan Stripe Pot, Rosetta Stone, Quartz Rock, Mayan Hammock, Mayan Table, Mayan Basket, Waterslide, and a few others.

If the collection of Mayan maps is indeed complete, what theme do you want Zynga to tackle next? Let us know in the comments below!

Treasure Isle Adds Mother’s Day Gifts

Treasure Isle developer Zynga is apparently of the opinion that treasure seekers should take a break from adventure to remember their mothers, this weekend. Two Mother’s Day gifts have been added to the game’s gift tab: Mother’s Day Brunch, and Mother’s Bouquet. Both gifts are free to send.

Also added earlier this week were three new barrels, to accompany the barrel set added a few weeks ago. Players can now gift a Flower Barrel, Golden Barrel, and Pink Barrel to one another.

In our experience, most players just want to give and receive fruit, providing them with more treasure-seeking energy. Who has time for bouquets and barrels when there are treasures to find? Adventure-seekers have one track minds, it seems.