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Treasure Madness Adds New Maps & Lengthens Minigames

The most recent Treasure Madness release added more maps, tweaked many game settings, and gave players the opportunity to celebrate with one another.

Let’s start with the maps. First up are four new Mother’s Day maps, stocked with matching Mother’s Day treasures: Mug Island, Mom Island, Parcel Island, and Mother’s Island. All four are only available for about six more days, so treasure seekers will need to act fast. A new Mysterious Series map, Pirate Ship Island, was also released, but only to players that are fans of Treasure Madness on Facebook. Finally, four more Fruity Series maps were also released: Bounty Island, Berry Bay, Tropical Island, and Citrus Bay.

Next up, zSlide announced that the length of some minigames has been increased 40%. This change comes just a few days after the minigame length was shortened. zSlide insists that their intention wasn’t to make the games harder by shortening their timers, but it makes us wonder… what was their intention, then? In any case, players now have more time to complete Gem Swap, Chestris, Jewel Drop, and Fruittle.

Lastly, players can now celebrate with their friends when completing maps and treasure collections, when leveling up, or during other key milestones. When making a news feed post about these events, your Treasure Madness friends can now click on it to receive a bonus of their own, encouraging more players to announce their good news.

What do you think about this most recent round of Treasure Madness additions and upgrades? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Isle Releases Mayan Isles III Maps

We have good news and bad news to report to all you Treasure Isle addicts out there. The good news is that the Mayan Isles III map set is now available! The bad news? Over half the new maps (four of the seven) must be purchased. Two are for sale for coins, and two are for sale for Island Cash.

The new maps are: Enchanted Land, Eagle Claw, Stony Path, Isle of Time, Great Rune, Mystic Lake, and Hidden Waters. The two premium maps, Isle of Time and Stony Path, are for sale for 8 and 15 Island Cash, respectively.

The new maps also introduce a new, bigger totem. These bad boys require 10 gems to gain access. We came across two blue gem super-totems in our first quick look at these new maps. Hopefully your Treasure Isle friends are big gem givers!

Treasure Madness Tweaks Health, Level Cap, Fruit, & More

Treasure Madness developer zSlide is continually evaluating what does and doesn’t work in their treasure digging title. In addition to the new minigames, treasures, and maps that are frequently introduced, other small tweaks and changes to the underlying game system are also common.

Today’s Treasure Madness changes:

Minigame Zap!
By far the most straightforward of all the changes, players can now “Zap” their minigame for 1 MU$. This instantly awards the player their treasure.

Shortened Minigame Times
Many of the minigames now have stricter time limits on the higher difficulty levels. None of them should be too short for veteran treasure diggers, but if there was a particular minigame you frequently had trouble completing in time, you might now find it to be much tougher.

Level Cap
Sure to be an unpopular change for high-level treasure diggers, zSlide has put a cap on the highest level a player can obtain. Any advanced player that has reached the current level cap can continue playing, but will no longer earn XP. zSlide promises that the cap will be increased regularly, and states that they hope each level cap increase will encourage the more hardcore, high-level players to race to the new cap.

Easier Fruit Eating
zSlide has added an “Eat Up” button that allows players to fill their HP bar from their fruit supply, with just one click. No more clicking watermelons over and over!

Asking and Giving Health Kits
Finally, today’s release revised the way players ask for and give health kits. Now, when a player runs out of health, they will be prompted to ask their friends for help. And instead of sending a health kit to your entire team, players will instead answer one friend’s call for help by awarding them with a health kit.

…whew! That’s a pretty long list of changes. And we didn’t even cover some of the more minor ones, like the minigame helpers being changed. What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Madness Launches Minolovka Minigame

Treasure Madness developer zSlide introduced another new minigame into their treasure collecting title, as part of today’s update: Minolovka. Like most TM minigames, Minolovka bears a close resemblance to a classic puzzle title. This time zSlide drew their inspiration from Minesweeper.

When playing Minolovka, players are presented with a grid of discs. Clicking on a grid space reveals what is inside: either a number, a mine, or a gem. The goal is to discover the location of all the gems, without clicking on any of the mines. The numbers inside of a disc tell players how many mines are bordering that disc.

Minolovka starts out quite easy – most players will probably win on their first few attempts just by clicking on random spots. Later on, players will need to examine the numbers and use logic to figure out where the mines are hiding.

Minolovka is available to players level 12 and higher, and is now automatically added to the game’s pool of available minigames.

Treasure Isle Adds More Free Gifts

Following the barrels added last week, Treasure Isle developer Zynga has added another couple free gifts to the game’s gift tab. These two gifts seem designed to further spice up the ocean space around a player’s Home Island.

Players can now send one another an Inflatable Raft, and a Dino Inner Tube. We think the Pink Lotus Flower might be a new gift as well, but Treasure Isle’s gift tab doesn’t label anything as ‘New’ so it is hard to know for certain.

Will you be sending your friends any of these new decorations, or do they insist on just sending & receiving energy-providing fruit? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Isle Releases Mayan Isles II

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has released another new set of maps for their smash hit treasure collecting title. High-level players can now explore Mayan Isles II.

The new maps are: Misty Swamp, Calm Pools, Brave Waters, Defiant Stone, Ancient Quarry, Lonely Tree, and Shadow Garden. Like the first set of Mayan maps, one must be purchased with coins, and another with Island Cash. The rest are unlocked automatically as players level-up.

Shadow Garden is for sale for 12 Island Cash – more than double the price of the first Island Cash map. Although Island Cash is occasionally found at random digging up tiles, it is disappointing to see Zynga roping off core game content behind a pay wall. Most social games only charge for premium upgrades or cosmetic items, and allow non-paying customers equal access to the base game itself.

By releasing pricy Island Cash islands, Zynga is closing off a chunk of the actual core game, which is a troubling precedent.

Treasure Isle Adds Barrel Decoration Gifts

Treasure Isle developer Zynga added three new barrels to the game’s gifting tab late yesterday. Perhaps not the most exciting addition to a game, but there is no denying that a wine barrel (or ten) certainly gives a Home Island more character.

The three new barrels are a plain Iron Band Barrel, a Wine Barrel with a grape vine design, and a colorful blue flower barrel.

For now, receiving one as a gift is the only way to obtain these new decorations – they are not available in the Treasure Isle store.

Treasure Isle Home Island Decorating Tips

On Zynga’s official forums there is a thread encouraging members to show off their Home Island. Since the game is so new, they all look fairly similar, but it is still impressive to see the creativity some players display.

The most striking thing about these early island designs is that players have a lot more room to decorate than they might realize. Besides the dry land, players also have a very wide ring of ocean around their island at their disposal. This space can be used to make a boardwalk or ocean walkway using the dock decoration, or can be decorated with ocean animals or buoys. Filling this ocean space makes a player’s home island seem much roomier.

It is also interesting to see that players have very different ideas about the purpose of their home island. Some have populated it with multiple grass huts, a bar area with cocktail tables, and more. These players are clearly building an island resort, similar to Happy Island or Tiki Resort. But other players have focused on simpler things, like a fishing pole and a hammock. These islands are clearly intended to be home or getaway for single individual – presumably their little treasure seeker.

What Treasure Isle decorating tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Madness Adds Earth Day Maps & Treasures

Treasure Madness developer zSlide added four large Earth Day maps this morning, with five new collections hidden within. I’m sure most treasure diggers are breathing a sigh of relief that the game’s Earth Day celebrations aren’t as extensive as Easter, which introduced 165 treasures for players to find and vault.

Sometimes it seems as though zSlide can’t win. Players complain about not having enough maps to dig, but when the company goes holiday-crazy, other players complain about not having enough time to complete everything. Such is the life of a social game developer.

In any case, the new maps are: Trashcan Island (10 MU$), Sun Island (Free), Panda Island (2200 GP), and Tree Island (1300 GP). The five new treasure collections are: Renewable Energy Items, Earth Day Items, Earth Day Symbols, Endangered Species, and Recycled Items.

Zynga’s Treasure Isle: The Next Farmville?

It looks like social game powerhouse Zynga has another mega-hit Facebook game on its hands: treasure hunting title Treasure Isle. You might be saying to yourself “Yeah yeah… Zynga does so much cross-promotion that all their games launch big.” While that is certainly true, Treasure Isle is now the fifth most popular game on all of Facebook. And it has only beed around for two weeks.

Let’s look at the hard numbers, courtesy of AppData:

- Treasure Isle launched on April 1st, 15 days ago.
- The game now has 13,362,000 Monthly Active Users, or individuals who have played at least once this month.
- The game has 5,951,000 Daily Active Users, or indivuduals who have played in the last 24 hours.

When sorted by daily players, Treasure Isle is now the fifth-largest Facebook title, behind Farmville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, and Zynga Poker (all Zynga games incidentally, but that is a post for another day). The gap between Treasure Isle and third place is under 200,000 players, meaning the game will almost certainly move up two more spots in tomorrow’s rankings.

A comparison of Monthly Active Users is a little unfair, since TI hasn’t even been out a full month. But even so, with over 13,000,000 people having tried the game out, that already puts the game in 13th place.

Basically, there are big social game launches, and then there is Treasure Isle.

There is a troubling statistic regarding social games that no one likes to talk about much: Farmville, with its 30 million daily & 80 million monthly players, is very much an anomaly. Farmville is not just the biggest Facebook game. It is nearly four times the size of its closest competitor.

So far, no game besides Farmville (which is closing in on being one year old) has managed to break through the 9-10 million daily player ceiling. Right now, Treasure Isle is adding 500,000 daily players every day. If this growth pattern continues, it will be Facebook’s #2 title by this time next week. We at SGC believe there is a very good chance that Treasure Isle might mature into a title that maintains 12 – 16 million daily players, broadening and balancing the top of the social game leaderboard.