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Treasure Madness Adds Four Maps; Six Collections

zSlide released another mini-expansion to its hit treasure digging game Treasure Madness, earlier today. Four new maps were added, with six new treasure collections laying hidden within said maps. The maps sound like they are the first step towards ensuring hardcore Treasure Madness players are never stuck, unable to play the game, because they have exhausted all available maps.

The company said this in a fan page update a few days ago: We also know that many of you are out of maps. We are ramping… up production to solve this issue for good – that’s our top priority. Thanks for your feedback!

The new maps seem to be only for the most hardcore treasure diggers out there. Rusty Nail Island is available at level 75, and Seashell Island, Rotten Bone Island, & Ammonite Island open up at level 80. I’ve played quite a bit of Treasure Madness, and I’m only level 72. Because of this, I actually can’t snap any pics of the new treasure collections.

If you’re a high-level Treasure Madness digger, Social Game Central would be in your debt if you could snap a pic of any of the new treasure collections, once you have uncovered one of its items. Either leave it here in the comments of email it to socialgamecentral -AT- We’ll then be able to spread the word to the masses, giving you lots of warm-fuzzies along the way.

New Treasure Madness Release

zSlide’s Treasure Madness New Release that the company hinted at yesterday was sent live, earlier today. Various improvements were made – most of them fairly small (fireworks when you level-up, a little zoomy effect when traveling to a map, etc.).

But, there were two major additions – equipment upgrades, and minigame helper upgrades. That’s the good news. The bad news? All these upgrades are only available via purchasable Museum $. On the one hand, Treasure Madness is one of the most polished Facebook games out there, and the most player-friendly, in regards to pushing microtransactions. But zSlide seems to have swung too far in the other direction, with these additions.

Players appear to agree. zSlide posted this on Treasure Madness’ fan page, after the update had been live a while:

” We love you, players of Treasure Madness! and we’re hearing the complaints about the recent changes. We’ll try and find solutions to please as many as possible. Remember that Treasure Madness is free to play, you can check back everyday to have fun for free. We also know that many of you are out of maps. We are ramping… up production to solve this issue for good – that’s our top priority. Thanks for your feedback!”

I don’t know who to feel bad for. zSlide should have known fan reaction would be negative, when they added 10+ for-pay items and 0 freebies. But players should recognize that zSlide has been far less aggressive about seeking out revenues than other Facebook game companies, until now. SGC will keep a close eye on the situation to see how it develops in the coming days.

Hit the jump for a full gallery of all the new upgrades, along with their prices.
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Treasure Madness Equipment Upgrades Imminent

Treasure Madness developer zSlide announced on their fan page that equipment upgrades are finally coming tomorrow. They have also hinted at other additions and improvements coming with tomorrow’s upgrades, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what is in store.

Too bad most Treasure Madness fans are now broke from paying contractors to lift all those heavy tiles. I know I am.

Treasure Madness is (no joke) probably my favorite, most consistently-played game on Facebook, period. So any improvements to the title are very welcome. More on the upgrades once they are sent live.