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Treasure Madness Adds New Maps & Lengthens Minigames

The most recent Treasure Madness release added more maps, tweaked many game settings, and gave players the opportunity to celebrate with one another.

Let’s start with the maps. First up are four new Mother’s Day maps, stocked with matching Mother’s Day treasures: Mug Island, Mom Island, Parcel Island, and Mother’s Island. All four are only available for about six more days, so treasure seekers will need to act fast. A new Mysterious Series map, Pirate Ship Island, was also released, but only to players that are fans of Treasure Madness on Facebook. Finally, four more Fruity Series maps were also released: Bounty Island, Berry Bay, Tropical Island, and Citrus Bay.

Next up, zSlide announced that the length of some minigames has been increased 40%. This change comes just a few days after the minigame length was shortened. zSlide insists that their intention wasn’t to make the games harder by shortening their timers, but it makes us wonder… what was their intention, then? In any case, players now have more time to complete Gem Swap, Chestris, Jewel Drop, and Fruittle.

Lastly, players can now celebrate with their friends when completing maps and treasure collections, when leveling up, or during other key milestones. When making a news feed post about these events, your Treasure Madness friends can now click on it to receive a bonus of their own, encouraging more players to announce their good news.

What do you think about this most recent round of Treasure Madness additions and upgrades? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Madness Tweaks Health, Level Cap, Fruit, & More

Treasure Madness developer zSlide is continually evaluating what does and doesn’t work in their treasure digging title. In addition to the new minigames, treasures, and maps that are frequently introduced, other small tweaks and changes to the underlying game system are also common.

Today’s Treasure Madness changes:

Minigame Zap!
By far the most straightforward of all the changes, players can now “Zap” their minigame for 1 MU$. This instantly awards the player their treasure.

Shortened Minigame Times
Many of the minigames now have stricter time limits on the higher difficulty levels. None of them should be too short for veteran treasure diggers, but if there was a particular minigame you frequently had trouble completing in time, you might now find it to be much tougher.

Level Cap
Sure to be an unpopular change for high-level treasure diggers, zSlide has put a cap on the highest level a player can obtain. Any advanced player that has reached the current level cap can continue playing, but will no longer earn XP. zSlide promises that the cap will be increased regularly, and states that they hope each level cap increase will encourage the more hardcore, high-level players to race to the new cap.

Easier Fruit Eating
zSlide has added an “Eat Up” button that allows players to fill their HP bar from their fruit supply, with just one click. No more clicking watermelons over and over!

Asking and Giving Health Kits
Finally, today’s release revised the way players ask for and give health kits. Now, when a player runs out of health, they will be prompted to ask their friends for help. And instead of sending a health kit to your entire team, players will instead answer one friend’s call for help by awarding them with a health kit.

…whew! That’s a pretty long list of changes. And we didn’t even cover some of the more minor ones, like the minigame helpers being changed. What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments!

Treasure Madness Launches Minolovka Minigame

Treasure Madness developer zSlide introduced another new minigame into their treasure collecting title, as part of today’s update: Minolovka. Like most TM minigames, Minolovka bears a close resemblance to a classic puzzle title. This time zSlide drew their inspiration from Minesweeper.

When playing Minolovka, players are presented with a grid of discs. Clicking on a grid space reveals what is inside: either a number, a mine, or a gem. The goal is to discover the location of all the gems, without clicking on any of the mines. The numbers inside of a disc tell players how many mines are bordering that disc.

Minolovka starts out quite easy – most players will probably win on their first few attempts just by clicking on random spots. Later on, players will need to examine the numbers and use logic to figure out where the mines are hiding.

Minolovka is available to players level 12 and higher, and is now automatically added to the game’s pool of available minigames.

Treasure Madness Adds Earth Day Maps & Treasures

Treasure Madness developer zSlide added four large Earth Day maps this morning, with five new collections hidden within. I’m sure most treasure diggers are breathing a sigh of relief that the game’s Earth Day celebrations aren’t as extensive as Easter, which introduced 165 treasures for players to find and vault.

Sometimes it seems as though zSlide can’t win. Players complain about not having enough maps to dig, but when the company goes holiday-crazy, other players complain about not having enough time to complete everything. Such is the life of a social game developer.

In any case, the new maps are: Trashcan Island (10 MU$), Sun Island (Free), Panda Island (2200 GP), and Tree Island (1300 GP). The five new treasure collections are: Renewable Energy Items, Earth Day Items, Earth Day Symbols, Endangered Species, and Recycled Items.

Treasure Madness Releases New Trading System

Treasure Madness developer zSlide introduced a fairly major change to the way players can trade treasure with one another, last week. Players can now trade with strangers – no need become Facebook friends with someone just to trade treasures with them! Since the game hinges on swapping treasures, this change has the potential to make a big impact.

This feature was rolled out along with a new, upgraded Treasure Madness forum. TM community manager Jennifer Johnson has the scoop on what players can expect from the new forum (bolded elements added by SGC for emphasis):

“We have a new Treasure Madness forum with different features to offer than the old Facebook one, which include:

- Forum Superguides: Who will be moderating and maintaining the forum, making sure there is no unsuitable comments and that everything is in the correct place and easy to find.

- Forum Clans: You can choose which Treasure Madness themed clan you would like to be apart of (eg.Arawak, Aztec) and gain status attributed to how active you are within the forum.

- News: The new forum will also allow for better communication between the community and the Treasure Madness team, as news will be posted initially in the forum, so you can always keep updated with all the latest announcements.

- Trade and make Friends: The new forum will also offer the opportunity for much better communication with the Treasure Madness community, allowing you to trade treasures and exchange comments.

- Send gifts and treasures: Sending gifts and treasures is not just limited to players in your team. You can now send gifts and treasures to ANYONE, via the forum. All you have to do is click on the username and select the option to send them either a gift or a treasure. Easy.

- Bugs and Issues: You will be kept updated with any technical problems we are aware of relating to the game. The area will also be used to report and bugs or technical faults with the game that we do not already know about.

This will not just be the primary forum but the ONLY forum, replacing this old Facebook one.

The Facebook forum is now obsolete and will therefore be closing very soon!

We’ve been listening to your comments and working hard to produce something that you will hopefully all enjoy. So have a look around the new forum and have fun with this brand new feature from Treasure Madness!”

Treasure Madness Adds Four Easter Maps

Treasure Madness developer zSlide added four more maps to the game’s Easter collection today, bringing the total number of Easter maps up to 16, including four that have already expired. Even with this many tiles to dig, players will either need lots of luck or lots of generous friends to find and vault the 165 (!!) Easter-themed treasures that are out there.

The new maps are: Paske Island, Paskha Island, Pask Island, and Sugar Island. The former two are free of charge, while the latter two costs 700 GP each. All four expire in about 10 days.

How goes your Easter treasure hunt, fellow TM players? Here at SGC we’ve vaulted 18 of the collections, leaving 15 left to complete. At least we have discovered all the collections, at this point. For a long time it seemed like the list of Easter treasures was endless!

Treasure Madness Releases Easter Update & New Minigame

Treasure Madness developer zSlide has wasted no time releasing more holiday-themed maps. Just as the game’s St. Patrick’s Day treasure maps expired, the company added a new set of Easter maps and treasures to take their place.

Although there are only eight Easter maps, SGC has discovered a tremendous 18 new Easter treasure collections. Eighteen! This means that many more Easter maps are probably on the way, or that TM players better become much more active traders than they have been in the past. With at least 90 new treasures to discover and only eight new maps, currently things don’t add up.

The new maps are: Paques Island, Pascha Island, Lamb Island, Easter Bunny Island, Bunny Island, Chick Island, Chocolate Island, and Hatchling Island.

The new Easter treasure collections are: TM Easter Eggs, Valuable Easter Eggs, Broken Easter Egg, Easter Baskets, Marshmallow animals, Animal Eggs, Coloured Eggs, Pretty Easter Eggs, Decorative Eggs, Flower Eggs, Nicely Wrapped Easter Eggs, Decorative Chocolate Eggs, Pretty Chocolate Eggs, Easter Egg Faces, Chocolate Eggs, and Easter Eggs.

In addition to all the new Easter items and maps, a new minigame was also added: Squarenigma. This activity has been hinted at for nearly as long as Wooden Maze – and now it is finally available. The goal is to flip all the squares on the board. Players pick a starting point, and then pick the direction they want to travel. If players hit a dead end and can’t flip more tiles, they must start over. It is the first Treasure Madness minigame that isn’t a copy of an existing game (to the best of my knowledge), and can initially be a little confusing. It’s a lot of fun and a nice change of pace once the rules are fully understood, however.

Discuss Treasure Madness on SGC’s Facebook Game Forum!

Treasure Madness Adds St. Patrick’s Day Maps & Treasures

Treasure Madness developer zSlide indicated in their interview with Social Game Central that players could probably expect items and maps themed around major holidays from here on out. Today zSlide lived up to that promise, with the release of eight new St. Patrick’s Day maps, and 10 new sets of treasures hidden within.

The new maps are: Clover Island, Pot of Gold Bay, Lucky Hat Island, Tankard Island, Buckle Show Island, Horseshoe Island, Harp Island, and Pipe Island. A couple of them are free, several cost between 1000 and 2000 GP, and one costs a small amount of MU$.

As for the new treasures, we have discovered several of the new collections, but a few still remain hidden away. New treasure collections we have uncovered include: Irish Tankards, Celtic mythology relics, Fomore stone relics, Leprechaun Items I, Leprechaun items II, Celtic treasures, Lucky charms, and Irish dancing items.

Treasure Madness Releases Nine New Maps

Treasure Madness developer zSlide released another fairly large batch of maps for treasure diggers to click their way through, earlier today. Two maps are part of the ‘Mysterious’ series and are limited-time offers, while the other seven belong to the Aztec series and don’t expire.

The Mysterious maps, Octopus Island and Bermuda Triangle, both expire in eight days. So they should be treasuer seekers’ top priority. Even without the expiration date, Mysterious-series maps contain the best and rarest treasures in the game, and are always worth investigating. Both are for sale for GP.

The seven Aztec maps added are Lake Texcoco, Old, Kulkulkan, Tomb of Death, Old Teocalli, Toad to Tula, Tenochtitlan, Tlaloc Temple. Sounds like a nice mix of maps based on real-world locations, and the more fantastical. At least, I’m assuming Tomb of Death is fictional. All seven are being sold for GP.

Treasure Madness Running Gold Rush Special

If you’re anything like me, one unexpected side effect of all the limited-time maps is a severe depletion of your gold reserves! Some of the maps have expensive heavy tiles, and if you want to get the maps done in time, you have no choice but to dig them.

Treasure Madness developer zSlide was apparently thinking the same thing, and decided to give us a bonus. For this weekend only, players can participate in the Gold Rush minigame once every 2 hours instead of once a day! If you’re able to stick around a computer and take advantage every couple hours, all that gold could really add up. It’s possible to earn over 1000 GP with the new Gold Rush minigame.

Of course, the game being skill-based has its drawbacks, too. On my last gold rush I got too close to the edge of the screen and lost right away – I only earned 30 GP. At least I’ll be able to try again in a couple hours, instead of being required to wait until tomorrow.

This promotion runs until the end of the month, meaning until Sunday night at Midnight. Thanks, zSlide!