Boss Your Pets Around in Happy Pets

Not the most exciting news, but no improvement to a social game is too small for us here at SocialGameCentral. Today, Happy Pets added the ability to pick up your pets and move them around the room. Complete with amusingly cute animations and expressions.

For those keeping track, Zynga’s Petville also allows players to relocate pets with amusing results. Playfish’s Pet Society does not have this function. Let the social pet game wars commence! Competition leads to more full-featured games.

One Day Only: Petville Collectible Pawz Gift

Zynga’s Petville added a new giftable collectible – Pawz Bassist Roxy. The Catch? She is available *only* today – Tuesday, Jan. 12th. And only as a gift. So better start begging one of your friends to send you one now, before it is too late.

It is probably a safe assumption that we will see more Pawz rockers in the coming weeks and months. Will they all be limited time offers, or will other members of the band be easier to obtain? Only time will tell…

Up & Coming: Warstorm

Warstorm from Challenge Games (Ponzi Inc., Gridiron Live Football) is considerably more complex than most Facebook games. Fans of Farmville or Mafia Wars beware – Warstorm more closely resembles collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering (or Pokemon if you’re a younger reader) than the more easygoing games many Facebook gamers are probably familiar with.

Gamers initially have access to just a handful of cards, but as training battles are won and silver coins earned, more and more cards are added to the available pool. From that pool of cards, gamers build their deck. The options for deck building are varied, but are in the mold of other similar card games. A fast, heavy-hitting, but weak deck, a slow, defensive deck, a deck focused on magic attacks or other trickery… lots of different builds are available.

The game comes with a selection of free single player missions, and head-to-head multiplayer (complete with matchmaking). More single-player missions are available for purchase (with real money).

The game has a small but rapidly growing player base. A month ago (Dec 12th) the game had 4,700 daily players. Today, there are 38,000 daily players & growing.

Look for more Warstorm coverage soon!

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Restaurant City Gives Fans an Orange

Earlier today Playfish gave all fans of Restaurant City a little bonus – a free orange that automatically levels up a player’s dishes! Sounds like a nice “thank you” to those players who go above and beyond and become an official fan of the game. Players can become a fan by clicking here. Playfish is promising more exclusive fan items are coming “very soon.” Sounds like a nice way to encourage loyalty to me!

Happy Aquarium Adds Seven New Giftables

I for one welcome the competition in the Social Aquarium Game category. It makes both companies work that much harder to earn our attention. Fishville is now sitting at 6.9 million daily players, and Happy Aquarium is at 6.4 million. Things are heating up! You can be sure both Crowdstar and Zynga will be rolling out updates fast & furious in order to gain new players. And SocialGameCentral will be here to run it down for you.

Case in point: Crowdstar added seven new giftables to Happy Aquarium late last week. Lace White Coral, Red Anemone, Orange Chimney Coral, Pink Tipped Anemone, Acropora Green Coral, and more.

Hit the jump for a full gallery of all seven.

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Mafia Wars: Bangkok Imminent

Zynga has been hinting at the next Mafia Wars expansion for months now, but these messages have been picking up speed lately. It seems that Bangkok will be launching any day now. The company has began running Facebook ads focusing on the Bangkok expansion. FB ads aren’t cheap, and Zynga wouldn’t be running these with such frequency unless the expansion was truly imminent.

Keep your browser pointed to SGC, as we’ll be blowing the lid off of Mafia Wars: Bangkok as soon as it is available.

Petville Motorcycles Now Available

Earlier today Zynga’s Petville rolled out motorcycles for all those Hell’s Angels out there who didn’t want to fill their garage with just a car or two. Spendthrifts might also want to take a close look at the motorcycles, since they’re considerably cheaper than most of the cars for sale at the Luxury Car Emporium.

A full gallery of currently available motorcycles & their pricetags is available after the jump.

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Fishville Releases Three New Fish

Zynga’s Fishville made three additions to its already-large collection of available fish, earlier today. The Jewel Damsel is available for purchase for $1SD, the Cardinal $2SD, and the Black Cap Basslet $3FV. Images below:

Cafe World Adds Sci-Fi Pack

Zynga’s Cafe World released a large sci-fi item pack today. Spaced-out wallpaper, flooring, windows, recipes, decorations, and plenty more were included. Players wasted no time taking advantage of the new editions to redecorate their establishments. You can see a gallery of sci-fi restaurants here, on the Zynga forums.