FrontierVille Adds Jackalope Lodge Missions & Badges

FrontierVille developer Zynga has finally introduced an achievement badges system into their frontier living RPG. Like most FrontierVille additions, the feature is well-integrated, and requires players to join the Jackalope Society and construct a Jackalope Lodge before badges can begin being earned.

The four-step process for joining the Jackalope Society requires players complete several standard tasks, including visiting neighbors, planting crops, and buying specific decorations. It culminates with the construction of the Jackalope Society Lodge itself. To construct the lodge, players will need to collect: Windows, Cement, Pegs, Shingles, Mallets, and Elbow Grease. All of these construction materials can only be received by requesting them from friends.

Once the Jackalope Lodge and quest line is complete, players can begin earning badges for various tasks completed around the homestead. Each badge comes in four levels, similar to FarmVille ribbons. Players can earn badges for turning in collections, hiring neighbors, growing your virtual family, and most other in-game tasks.

Happy Island Celebrates Pirate Week

It’s pirate week in Crowdstar’s Happy Island. This means players can now purchase a variety of swashbuckling attractions and decorations, with more being added at a regular clip.

The new attractions added so far are: Swashbuckler Shanty, Raider’s Rack, Penzance Place, and Me Treasure. All four are permanent additions to the Happy Island shop.

The two new decorations are the Royal Interceptor, and 1i Will’s Ship. Oddly, due to how Happy Island’s decoration system works, both ships must be placed on land, and can’t be placed on water.

FarmVille Mystery Game Updated

Zynga has once again updated FarmVille’s mystery game (which replaced the old Mystery Boxes). This week’s prizes all have a “feathered friend” theme.

The six birds players can win from the mystery game are: Bird of Paradise, Barn Owl, Guinea Fowl, Love Bird, Pied Peacock, and Roseate Spoonbill. Most of these exotic avian additions aren’t exactly what one thinks of when picturing farm birds, but we think that’s the point. All of these prize birds certainly do make an impact!

Cheers to FarmVille Freak for the pic.

FarmVille Adds More German Items

As expected, FarmVille developer Zynga has released another batch of German themed items this week. Players now have even more ways to give their farm some Bavarian charm.

The new items are: Dog Rose crop, Chamois goat, Breakfast House, Clock Tower, House Bridge, Cruise Boat, Barrel Tub, and Oak Tree. The Oak Tree is just for decoration, and can’t be harvested.

To plant Dog Rose, players will need to be level 24, and have already mastered Pink Roses. It is available until October 20th, and unlike most limited time crops, it is able to be mastered. Players will need to harvest a total of 3350 crops to complete mastery. Dog Rose can be planted for 105 coins, and harvested for 190 coins and 1 XP.

Happy Pets Adds Dragons

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar adds new pet species to the game on a regular basis, but few are quite as cool as this. Six pet dragons are now for sale in the Happy Pets store!

The dragons can only be purchased with FB$, and are currently for sale for $4.60. Their standard price is $6.60, however. The six dragon varieties are: White Fable, Blue Legend, Red Legend, Brown Fable, Green Mythic, and Black Mythic.

In addition to the standard differences in coloring, these dragons also can come with horns in different sizes and shapes.

City of Wonder Adds Two Technologies

City of Wonder developer Playdom continued fleshing out the game’s mid-level tech tree this week, adding two more technologies for players to research: Hydraulics, and Fine Art.

Hydraulics requires level 14. It takes 26 hours to research, and unlocks a variety of water-themed buildings, including aqueducts, and water fountains. On the tech tree, it follows Irrigation, and provides another pathway to Steam Power.

Fine Art requires level 19. It can be researched in 30 hours, and unlocks the Louvre wonder. It follows Art on the tech tree.

Happy Aquarium Adds Leaf Collection

Happy Aquarium developer Crowdstar introduced the item collection feature several months ago, but hasn’t done much with it since. A new item collection was finally introduced this week, though – the game’s fifth. Players level 21 and higher can now complete the new Leaf Collection.

As with other Happy Aquarium item collections, there are nine items in total players will need to find. Three common, three uncommon, and three rare. Once all the leaves have been collected, players earn a special prize: an exclusive Leaf Fish!

Have you had any luck uncovering any of these collection items yet? Leave a comment and let us know.

PetVille Adds New Neighborhood Feature

PetVille developer Zynga has launched a significant new feature: neighborhoods! Although the feature is still in early testing, it has potential to significantly change how PetVille is played.

Players can now travel outside of their pet’s home, and view the neighborhood via an overhead view, similar to FarmVille or FrontierVille. Players can click where they want their pet to walk, and can also click to interact with various elements of the environment, including pulling weeds, cleaning recycle bins, and gathering fruit from fruit trees.

Every task consumes some energy, which refills over time. Players can receive missions from Rosie or other PetVille inhabitants, to help guide the efforts to clean up the neighborhood.

Players have a separate, new experience bar for tasks completed outside the home. Leveling up outdoors refills a player’s energy bar, and also unlocks access to new neighborhood features. A fishing pond, wishing well, school house, news stand, and Union Square are all listed as ‘Coming Soon.’

We’ll have more on this major PetVille upgrade very soon.

Treasure Isle Finally Adds Storage Solution

Treasure Isle developer Zynga has finally introduced a long-awaited Home Island storage solution! All players now have the opportunity to store five items free of charge, with the premium option to expand the storage capacity.

The storage comes in the form of a giant floating turtle with a coral-encrusted safe on his back, and is entitled Davy Jones’ Locker. Cute!

Players can pay 20 Island Cash to expand the storage space by five as many times as they like. Players can also enlist the help of their friends to increase the storage space for free.

Tiki Farm Adds Promotional Pyramid

Tiki Farm developer Playdom has updated their tropical farming game with a new pyramid decoration, but it is only available to players willing to check out another Playdom game – City of Wonder. All Tiki Farm players that reach at least level 5 in City of Wonder will find the pyramid decoration in their Tiki Farm gift box.

The pyramid itself is quite large – nearly the size of the volcano on players’ first island. It also features several snazzy floodlights.