Restaurant City Releases Tuscany Items

Restaurant City developer Playfish announced that this week is Tuscany Week! A variety of Tuscan decorations have been added to the Restaurant City shop, giving players plenty of ways to give their restaurant an Italian flair.

New items include: Breton Chair, Blue Check Table, Hanging Meat, Walnut Planks floor, Rustic Brick Wallpaper, Meat Smoker, Grape Juice Barrel, Milk Urn, Grape Trestle, and plenty more.

There doesn’t appear to be any new recipe ingredients or menu items to accompany these new decorations, giving players a chance to catch up one some of the previously added foodstuffs.

FrontierVille Adds Camping Gear

FrontierVille developer Zynga added a collection of camping decorations this week, for those homesteaders that believe that even sleeping in a log cabin is too cushy. Like most FrontierVille item expansions, a few of the items are limited editions, but most are permanent additions to the FrontierVille shop.

The new items are: Popcorn Kettle, Pink Bed Roll, Green Bed Roll, Large Tent, Weenie Stick, Mallow Stick, Camp Pack, Trail Bag, Hanging Lantern, Lantern, Camping Seat, Camping Chair, Canteen, and Coffee Pot. The items are available for a mixture of coins and horseshoes. Many of the furnishing items also require a small amount of wood to purchase.

Chocolatier Improves Recipe Book

Chocolatier developer Playfirst made a small but welcome change to the way the game’s recipe book works, today. The recipe book now remembers the last item a player made, and will automatically open to that page, the next time it is opened. This should make it easier to create large batches of chocolate.

A small change, but a notable one for a couple of reasons. For one, this tweak is a direct result of player feedback, and proves Playfirst is plugged in to their community. Additionally, it is little usability tweaks of this nature that in our opinion are missing from most social games. Plenty of social games are fun and addictive, but they are missing that extra layer of polish and user interface design that most commercial console or PC titles receive.

Kingdoms of Camelot Announces New Tournament of Might

Kingdoms of Camelot from Kabam (formerly known as Watercooler) announced a new Tournament of Might today, for those superplayers wishing to prove their superiority over their peers. Oddly, only players on domains 1, 159, & 161-170 are allowed to participate.

The contest begins Sept. 10 and ends Sept 14. The player with the highest total Might at the end of the contest period wins 1000 Gems. Kabam is encouraging players to sign up for the event on a Facebook event page. Five players chosen at random that indicate that they are attending will win 50 gems. So far, 2648 players have RSVP’d.

Kabam’s full announcement:

“Lords and Ladies,

King Arthur has sent a call across Camelot looking for the mightiest Lords and Ladies in the land to win his Tournament of Might! Grow your Might before the end of the Tournament, and you can win King Arthur’s favor. Increase your Might by constructing and upgrading Buildings, and training Troops. The Lord or Lady with the highest Might at the end of the Tournament will win 1000 Gems!

The Tournament will take place on Domains 1, 159 and 161-170 and will begin tomorrow night, September 10 12:01 AM PST, and ends September 14th 11:59 PM PST. No entry necessary, all players on the tournament Domains will be eligible.

In memory of one of our oldest and most active players, we are dedicating the Tournament on Arthur1 to Lady Fireshine who passed away early this week. Lady Fireshine, Chancellor of Strike of Perun on Arthur, was one of the most helpful, magnanimous, and community-building players we’ve had. She was a hugely valuable member of the community and will be greatly missed. If you would like to share your thoughts or memories please visit the In Memory of Fireshine page started by members of our community.

Good luck in the Tournament of Might, and may the best Lord or Lady win!

The Kingdoms of Camelot Team”

FarmVille Releases Limited Edition Toy Collection

FarmVille developer Zynga released another limited item collection this week, hot on the heels of the now-expired gem collection. Players can now hustle to collect all the Toy Collection pieces, before they are also retired.

The collection items are: ABC Blocks, Train Whistle, Duck Toy, Jack, Marble, and Paddle Ball. Players have a random chance of obtaining any of these collection items when planting & harvesting crops. They can also be received as gifts from friends, or can be purchased with FV$.

For the collection to be considered complete, players must collect several of each item – anywhere from three to ten. A whopping 47 items are needed in total. The reward for completing the collection is a cute (but arguably anticlimactic) Sheep Toy.

FarmVille Adds Two Permanent Crops

Two permanent additions to FarmVille’s ever-growing list of crops made their debut this week. Players can now plant Square Melon and Gladiolus flowers. But both require more than just a high level.

Square Melon costs 410 coins to plant, grows to maturity in 1 day, and earns 590 coins and 2 XP when harvested. To plant it, players will need to be level 52 or higher, and must have mastered both Watermelon and Yellow Melon.

Gladiolus costs 200 coins to plant, grows to maturity in 6 hours, and earns 260 coins and 1 XP when harvested. It requires players be level 28 or higher, and also requires Daffodil mastery.

Mafia Wars Underwater Mystery Crates Released

Mafia Wars developer Zynga introduced a new mystery crate today, with all the loot following an underwater theme. As with all Mafia Wars mystery crates, players can buy one for 12 RP, or a three pack for 35 RP. Players have a 10% chance of obtaining a rare item, 30% chance uncommon, and 60% chance of receiving a common item. The new items are:

Aquatic Rifle – 75 ATK, 41 DEF (Rare)
Diver’s Knife – 60 ATX, 33 DEF (Uncommon)
Limpet Mine – 29 ATK, 64 DEF (Uncommon)

Diving Gear – 56 ATK, 26 DEF (Common)
Sonar Buoy – 37 ATK, 74 DEF (Rare)
Weight Vest – 34 ATK, 57 DEF (Common)

Dive Scooter – 27 ATK, 59 DEF (Uncommon)

Killer Whale – 27 ATK, 56 DEF (Common)

Happy Island Adds Fashion Attractions

Happy Island developer Crowdstar seems to know that no island resort is complete without plenty of good shopping. A variety of new fashion themed shop attractions have been added to the Happy Island store. Players can now purchase Kyle’s Jewelers, Masha’s Makeovers, Holly’s Store, Club Greg 54, and Spicy Pink Bags. Besides Spicy Pink Bags, all are limited editions and will eventually sell out.

A Cocoa Experts chocolate factory was also released, with matching chocolate decorations. Resort planners with a sweet tooth can supplement the attraction with the Choco Shrooms, Cocoa Shrooms, Choco Falls, and Choco Lake decorations.

Happy Pets Introduces Shadow Pet Basket

Happy Pets developer Crowdstar introduced a new version of the tried-and-true “mystery pet” formula today, in the form of a new shy pet basket.

Players can find the basket in their main living room. To get the pet that is inside, players can make a Facebook wall post, asking for their friends’ help. Once seven friends have given their “blessing,” the players will receive one of six brand new pets. Five are all-black pets Crowdstar is calling “Shadow Pets,” and the last is an exclusive variety of Triceratops. The five Shadow Pet varieties are: Hamster, Parrot, Rabbit, Gerbil, and Ferret.

Players that don’t want to bother their friends can also pay $29.80 to automatically earn their pet.

FishVille Adds More Phosphorus Forest Items

FishVille developer Zynga introduced a new Phosphorus Forest item expansion last week, focused around glowing plants and animals. The set debuted with just a few items, but Zynga has slowly been adding more.

The newest Phosphorus Forest items are: Sea Serpent, Peeker, Mystic Tablet, Glow Tree, Glow Mushroom, and Glow Capsule. The items are available for a mixture of Sand Dollars and coins, and don’t have a published expiration date. But like all FishVille expansions, these items will eventually be removed to make way for more fresh additions.